Tuesday, May 24, 2011

another edition of kidART...

i consider kidART to be something more than just...special.

i mean, really, how can you not smile when you see creative brilliance coming straight from a little child? (whether it's your own child or not.) it's a big part of what makes life so beautiful, i think.

my favorite part of spring is getting to see the excitement in ashlyn's eyes as she shows us around the artshow at school. i can't wait til this one comes home and i can frame it. :)

and other non-artshow related craftyness the girls have been up to.....

this, my friends, is raggedy ann and vampire girl!

i imagine by now you can guess whick one belongs to which daughter. *ahem*

these were made using blank chipboard doll forms purchased in a pack of 12 from Michael's. part of the creatology collection. they have tons of options...robots, houses, hearts, stars, etc., etc. i think they would look cute all strung together to form a banner.

anywho...these cute little bunnies were made with socks. i have no clue how to remake them as they were made at school.

these little chicks also came home from school....but they are super easy to figure out. they just folded/rolled down the edges of a white paper lunch sack to form the nest, filled it with plastic grass and then decorated a plastic egg to look like the chick and set them inside. these would be cute favors if you filled the eggs with a little treat.

lastly, this is my most treasured piece of art lately.....

with no prompting whatsoever, and no real drama preceeding it, we were handed this handmade card with the above picture on the front, and this on the inside.....
talk about melting my heart. isn't that just the sweetest thing you've ever seen?
she tries so hard to please. i just wish i could make all the sensory stuff go away for her.

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  1. I know you GUYSES just loved that card!
    I like the handwriting--fancy!


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