Monday, May 23, 2011

spring break 2011: up in the alley....

so, yeah. these photos were taken nearly a month ago now. *sigh* perpetually behind lately...but, i just have to share them---not so much because i have awesome commentary to go with them, but more because my kids are just a bundle of adorable with a side of awesomesauce! :)
i mean, really, doesn't this outfit have awesome written all over it? earlier in the day---this was the day that Kate married her Prince---the girls were decked out in their flower girl dresses. and that's how we went to get spidergirl's allergy shot. but we came home for a quick lunch before heading out to open bowling at the alley and when i asked her to go change her clothes spidergirl returned with quite an ensemble. :) i just smiled.

ashlyn thought spidergirl looked cooler than the coolest in her get-up, so she went on a mad hunt to accessorize her outfit too. she needed just the right pair of nerd glasses to go with her only hat--which she's become quite attached to.

i just love their sense of individuality.

most days they are bickering and just nit-picking at each other over every little thing, but this day in particular, they made me wish i grew up with a sister. they were so sweet and gentle and kind with their words. lots of "way to go" and high-fives being swapped.

and i love her innocence right now. i want to bottle her up and keep her this age FOREVER, and ever and ever! most days she seems so grown up and independent...and almost a 1st grader. but i can still see my baby in these pictures.

she couldn't decide on her approach--whether she preferred to just shuffle up and throw it down with all her might, or use the roller-coaster apparatus (or whatever it's called) to help improve her chances of making the ball do what she wanted it to do.

ashlyn on the other hand had absolutely no issues...i mean, look at that form! she's got it down! even though a few times i thought she was going to fall forward right smack on her face. she's somewhat uncoordinated---a clutz is what my dad likes to call it. :)

after every ball thrown, she then stood there just like this, still as a crane, hands to her face, waiting with baited breath to see the results. just a brief (and rare) moment of stillness. she's just a wee bit spazzy and dramatic....but even moreso when bowling is involved. LOL.

didn't you know that contorting your body toward the angle you'd like the ball to go will in fact redirect it? no? ah, well. it doesn't really. but just after this shot, she was jumping up and down doing cheerleader herkie jumps over and over because she got herself a STRIIIIIKE! booyah!

no's FACE!

that's what she says when she's done something super awesome. she gets all sassy and up in your business and says "so, there. FACE." hahahhaa. i promise it's super funny.

spidergirl on the other hand, is cool as a cucumber, soaking it all in. this was the stance she fell into after every release. just watching it roll.

she was always watching to make sure *i* was watching. "did you see that mommy?" and all i can think when i look at her is....gosh, she's adorable & how'd i get so lucky?

i seriously believe that she was put on this earth just to make people smile. she has just the right amount of quirk, an abundance of self-confidence, and the ability to strike up a conversation with anyone who crosses her path---just like her dad.

i'd say, bowling was a super successfull outing with my little kitty fairy (spider)girl.....

and my super awesome, nerd-glasses wearing, sidekick who is growing up way too fast.


  1. Okay I am LOVING that outfit! hehe!

  2. Great outfits girls!

    funny that Ahslyn says 'face' ---my son's word it 'served'--everytime he gets something on you (or thinks he did anyway) he says 'you just got served!'

  3. Love that you three had such an awesome outing! Great pictures by the way Tania. Always dig looking at them. The outfits are great! Love the creativity they both showed.



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