Saturday, May 21, 2011

should've gotten the toothbrush....

to say ashlyn has been a little anxious about this whole "the world is gonna end at 6pm on May 21" stuff is a gross understatement.

she just keeps going around saying....."i don't get it mom. what does that mean, that the world's gonna end?" she can't wrap her little brain around it.

but she still has the ability to push the anxiety aside and keep her awesometastic sense of humor. :)

i found this little gem on my husband's facebook:

conversation he had with Ashlyn while in line at Walmart...

ashlyn: Dad, can I have a push pop sucker?
dad: Ashlyn, no. You are getting a new toothbrush.
ashlyn: But daaaaad. *sigh* Why do I need a new toothbrush if the world is ending in 6 hours, I'll only use it once?

yeah, she got the sucker instead. dad is such a pushover.

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  1. That's too cute! I'm not sure what time zone you're in, but it's past 6 here, and we're still here - so you can reassure her. I firmly believe we will not know the hour or the day, but I will admit I've been praying a little more than usual today. :) And now for some reason, I can't get "A Mighty Fortress is our God" out of my head. Could be the thankfulness that I still have time to try to teach all I need to, or it could be the rough day I've had - not sure which. :)


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