Thursday, June 02, 2011

30 day photo challenge....

so, i abandoned the last photo challenge i posted a few weeks ago when my schedule got insanely busy.

but my super sweet friend Sherry and i agreed that we'd both start a similar, but slightly different challenge June 1.....yesterday. so ideally, i should have posted this list yesterday for any of you who want to play along. but that's just like for me lately.....a day late and lots of dollars short.

it's cool though, if you'd like to play along, just take two pics today and then you'll be all caught up. heeee.

so here's the list we're working from, originally seen here. if you click over there you can see the list much larger. :)

i'm hoping to gather lots of happy snaps throughout the month.

day 1....self-portrait.

supposed to be a self-portrait, but this is as much of a self-portrait as i could get yesterday.

it pretty much represents real-life for me. sportin' nerd glasses (because ashlyn thought i should), hair up in a ponytail, bangs clipped back with bobby pins, and no makeup on.

whenever the camera is out she gets all silly and turns into a gigglebox that can't keep a straight face if she wanted too. and yeah, she's pretty much been attached to my hip since the day she was born and doesn't stray far from me when no one else is around. so a picture without her in it in some way or another was next to impossible.

i mean the kid would step back out of the frame and as soon as i snapped the picture she was right there again----trying hard not to crack a smile or bust a gut laughing. at one point she even had her tongue out trying to lick my ear. ewwwwwwwwwww.

so yeah. day 1......i'm doing good. :)


  1. I looooooooooove this portrait. Love it.

    I hope to gather a few happy snaps this month, too. I will just be thankful to have captured a month in photos along with a few memories.

    We're off to a good start! :)

  2. How fun. I love the story behind it too.

  3. This is priceless! You look beautiful..even with the nerd glasses.

  4. What a cool thing to do!
    I think I'm gonna wait til September to do mine because that is my b-day month

    Please keep us up to date on your progress---would love to see all your photos!

  5. thank you for your sweet compliments ladies. :) it was a crappy photo in color with harsh overhead lighting, and the flash going off, but i edited it over at, reduced the contrast and changed it to black & white, and loved it. i think because it's such an everyday life shot for us.

    vicki...i'll be sharing them all right here on the blog. :)

  6. Love your portrait!!! I sooo need to do a photography challenge like this! I've wanted to forever and just never have! Love it! :)


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