Wednesday, June 01, 2011

love you for like ever...

here's another project for all my Little Yellow Bicycle fans!

i was inspired to created this framed art piece after seeing this one on etsy! it's totally on my list of things to buy, soon. :)

i thought it would look amazing scrappy style too.

when picking papers to put mine together, i had a light bulb moment and thought---why stick with just one collection?

so, i went about gathering green & blue papers from many of the past collections and ended up using some from Elizabeth Park, Boo-ville, Lucky Me, Twig, Generation Z, Pack Your Bags & Tiny Princess--i think that's it, LOL. oh, and the background paper was from the Clothesline collection.

so, basically, lots and lots of leftovers. pretty much the shepherd pie of scrapbook supplies. :)

the first thing i did was cut my background paper down to 8 x 10. i then punched 1" circles from the leftover pieces of the background paper and adhered them to create the tone-on-tone texture.

then, i used cheap white cardstock to hand-cut the letters to make sure i had the sizing and spacing right before cutting into my expensive patterned paper. once i had them just so, i starting tracing them one by one onto the patterned paper.

note: best way to trace is to reverse your image and trace onto the back side of the patterned paper. this way, when you cut, you don't have to be as precise cutting directly on the line. just use an acid free pen as your tracing tool.

then i inked all the edges of the letters with a darker ink, using a make-up wedge. just pounce your wedge onto the ink pad and use the wedge to apply the ink instead of your inkpad. not only does it extend the life of your inkpad, but the wedge is much more flexible and makes it easier to get into hard to maneuver places.

set those aside to cure and start building your background. border punches or border stickers make dressing up the outer edges super quick and easy.

as you can see, i decided to swap out the "o" letter and use an embellishment instead. i also added small hand-cut hearts to the birds to help pull the pink color through the whole piece.

the tiny honeycomb shapes you see were cut from a roll of dottie magic mesh. i still have an abundance of that stuff---and i still LOVE it!

hope this inspired you to try a scrappy version of Shepherd pie. :)


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