Tuesday, June 07, 2011

catching up: day 2, day 3, day 4, day 5 and day 6.....

oh my. oh my. oh my. i feel like someone has put me on a tilt-a-whirl and forgot to get me off. life is speeding by at lightening speed. i have so many things to blog about that i might just need to have a 24-hour blog marathon to purge all these thoughts from my noggin. in the meantime, i'll start with catching up on posting photos from the 30 day photo challenge. it's not too late to join me. :)

if you're playing along be sure to leave me a link in the comment section so i can see all your photos too.

here we go........

day 2: my outfit. always lots of layers, always a funky combination with some sort of thrifted piece, more often than not a flower in my hair, glasses always on, make up optional. :) but i really wish you could see my gray & white zebra striped socked and brown mary janes too.

day 3: clouds. i'm really trying not to get hung up on all my photos for this challenge being just...so. trying to break free from that everything has to be perfect or i don't want to participate mentality. i've been lugging my big camera around for the past week at school functions and today decided that the camera phone will work just as well. it's a gorgeous way to end the week when you look up through your sunroof and see blue skies after what felt like a season of never-ending rain. got a little artsy with the post-processing that was all done using picnik.com----love that program.

day 4: something green. one of only two live plants that live inside my home.....but i'm hoping to change that soon with the addition of a fairy garden and some potted succulents. anywho. this is the only long-lasting green that i have from my mom's funeral. it sits in my kitchen reminding me of her every single day. such a happy reminder, don'tch think? i wish i had thought to take her hens and chicks from the front stoop of her house before they were just given to the neighbor. she was always super proud of those things.

day 5: from a high angle. ahhhh, Don Pablos. this used to be a common site on a weekly basis for our family. wednesday family date night for fajitas. yummo. unfortunately the one near us went out of business. so, yep, we're the crazy people that drive 78 miles one way just to eat at our favorite restuarant because that's the closest one now. usually it's such a pleasant experience, but last night was horrible. from the time we were seated until we got our food was over an hour and we were there at total of 2 1/2 hours. the food was mediocre, cooks were walking out, and the manager was giving everyone 50% off their bill and free dessert. somehow, we got the blessing of our entire meal being free. wonder how long it will be before we're brave enough to go back? or maybe i just need to start a petition to bring Don Pablos back to Columbus. think it will work?

day 6: from a low angle. spidergirl looooooves popcicles. has since she was much smaller. after having adenoids out once and tonsils and an adenoid revision, this girl has eaten thousands of popcicles, slushes, and icees. and let me tell you, she knows what she likes and doesn't like when it comes to the frozen treats. while out playing, she heard the icecream man from a distance and was determined to sit outside, patiently waiting by the curb until he came to our neighborhood. daddy made sure she was comfortable by bringing her a chair and spiderman umbrella (of course). so, there she sat with her new puppy purse tucked under her arm, that was stuffed with collected change from every nook and cranny she could think of, patiently waiting for the beat up white van splashed with colorful pictures and alluring music to turn down our street so she could buy herself some icecream. he never came. but she was alright with that. she's ready for the next time though.


  1. You too?? Our Don Pablos went out of business in Sarasota and we would happily drive two hours to eat there again!! Yum!!
    Great photos, keep up the fabulous work...

  2. Love the glimpses into your amazing family.


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