Tuesday, June 28, 2011

spidergirl has some news to share....

she wants to tell you, she's pedaling her little heart out.....and barely has time to pose for a picture, because......

she's no riding with NO training wheels!!!!

it's so adorable to see how proud of herself she is.

i can't help but laugh at this photo of her on her spiderman bike, with the boots, and a dress. that's spidergirl for you---always in rainboots. rain is totally not necessary.

she's fearless, that one. she learned to ride without help in the blink of an eye.

random fact #1: she came home yesterday both excited and perturbed because she got lots of riding practice in during outdoor play at daycare yesterday. excited because she got to ride in a wide open parking lot on the little bike without many obstacles, but completely annoyed because it was a "boy" bike.

she wants nothing to do with "boy" things don'tcha know.

that came about ever since she started kindergarten and the kids in her class teased her for wearing spiderman shoes & clothing. and i'm wondering to myself, what ever happened to them teaching the rule 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you'?

so, as she's telling us in a very animated way that she had to ride the "boy" bike, doug gently says, "um, emma, it's okay. did you forget you're riding a spiderman bike right now?"

she looked at him all sorts of confused. and off she went, pedaling again. :)

random fact #2: when we were at Children's Hospital yesterday for an appointment for ashlyn, we stopped off at the playground before heading back to the car. then, on our way to the car there was a little special needs boy who kept saying over and over his parents...."she looks like baby bop". "look mom, she looks like baby bop". it was the cutest thing ever.

i pride myself in the fact that spidergirl had no clue who baby bop even was. but thanks to technology, in a matter of seconds, ashlyn had a photo pulled up my cell phone.


sure enough......her outfit does make her look like baby bop. heh. seeing him excited about spotting baby bop in the parking lot totally made my day.....and his too, i'm sure. :)


  1. Way to go Spidergirl!
    ps. My bike is a boys bike too and I don't care who sees me riding it!

  2. My kids don't know who Baby Bop is but I do...weird, isn't it? Yet, for some odd reason, I'm proud. Heeheehee


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