Monday, June 27, 2011

tutorial featuring SRM products

today, i have a really simple project that makes a perfect little gift for those little ones in your life.
we've been through our share of recovery after illness where the prescription was lots of rest and quite activity---those words are torture for a momma who has very active children. so, if this idea helps one mom out there, i'll consider it a success!

here's a closer look at the project. it's a mix of random products i had laying around on my desk---some different collections of Little Yellow Bicycle & Bo Bunny chipboard with an SRM "&" and "get well soon" sentiment sticker.

i love how the "&" sticker packs a powerful punch on this greeting card! it's such a delicious shade of red. *swoon*

have you figured out what's in the tube yet?

no? well, let me tell's an SRM tube that i turned into a scavenger hunt! how awesome is that!?

when i was testing this concept and figured out that the trinkets would fit down in the tube and it would actually work, i was STOKED!

and today, i'm going to show you how easy it is to make your own!

1. Gather your supplies. You'll need rice (or sand), E6000 glue, SRM tube, 12-16 small trinkets. by rummaging through my junk drawer, in a matter of minutes i was able to come up with enough suitable items to tuck inside the tube.

2. Ideas for small trinkets: charms, miniature clothespins, marbles, dime, pompom, beads, lego, pushpin, buttons, googly eyes, candle, etc.

3. Place all trinkets in tube at once.

4. Use a funnel (or roll paper into a make-shift funnel) to put small amounts of rice into the tube at a time. Fill 1/4 of the tube with rice, shake tube gently, fill to half-full, shake tube gently to evenly distribute, fill to 3/4 full, shake, fill to approx. 1/2" from top. You need to leave the 1/2" to allow the rice to move so the child can hunt for the treasures.

5. Glue lid on using E6000. Even with the lid glued on, please use caution when gifting to children under 3 due to choking hazard.

6. Decorate your tube as desired! In this case, i just put an SRM sticker around the lid, added a chipboard circle/star to the top and tied a decorated tag on with an over-sized bow.

NOTE: don't forget to somehow include a list of what they should hunt for either inside the card or on the back of the tag attached to the tube.

VOILA! you're done. it's THAT easy!

even though this card & gift combination is shown as a get well gift, it doesn't necessarily have to be for that theme. i'm actually thinking this project will make a great birthday party favor for elementary age kids, don't you?

here's some more detail images of the project. if you have any questions, just let me know in the comments and i'll answer you there! :)

of course, by now you know how i looooooove to decorate my cards both outside and in. :) here's what the inside of this one looks like.....with an SRM sentiment in there too....

the SRM sticker sets used in today's project:
1. "&" is from Freestyle - Cookin'
2. "Get Well Soon", "Speedy Recovery" and "wishing you well" is from Sticker Sentiments: Wishing you Well
3. the tube i used is also SRM and is found here: The Tube

thanks for stopping by!


  1. i love this idea. too cute.

  2. My daughter made these hidden items tubes for her boys and I thought they were so cute and clever. You both are great moms!

  3. That is just too, too CUTE!

  4. I had never seen the scavenger hunt tubes. They are such a great idea! They would not only make a good party favor, but a fun game to play. You could use different themes and get the cute little shaped buttons that are sold on little bags by theme (rattles, booties, ducks, etc. for babies), time the game, and the person with the most right answers wins. Fun! Fun!


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