Wednesday, July 06, 2011

FISKARS: Crafting with Kids: Family Tree Wall Art Tutorial

for kids, summertime is full of sunshine, flipflops, blowing bubbles, riding bikes, catching fireflies, icy popcicles, flying kits, splashing in the pool and the like.

summertime is also the time when many families get together for their annual family reunions.

so, here's little family friendly craft to keep you and your children creating together on those terrible, horrible, no good, very bad (weather) summertime days. :)

Fiskars tools not only make this project super simple, but also very do-able...and you can toss in a little pre-reunion name memorization for the kids along the way. it's also a great activity to help kids learn about how generations are related if you do a tradition family tree.

be sure to check out full project details with more photos on the Fiskars website.

yeppers, it's my very first official Fiskars project! :)

that calls for a celebration, don'tcha think!?

Fiskars has been ever so generous and given me an extra set of the following tools to give away to one person to assist you in making your own family tree project! how awesome, right?

1. leave me a comment here so i know you're interested in winning and tell me: "what do you look most forward to at your family's upcoming reunion (or just say "i love Fiskars" if you don't have a family reunion)."

2. comments will remain open until 11:59PM EST on Saturday, July 9, 2011.

3. winner will be chosen via and announced here on my blog Sunday, July 10, 2011.

4. winner will recieve a package with 4 Fiskars punches (retail value over $60) shown here:

Leafin' Around Squeeze Punch Large (Special Edition) - $14.50

Leaves Border Punch (Special Edition) - $15.00

Seal of Approval Squeeze Punch - Large - $15.95

Tree X-Large Lever Punch - $14.99

ready, set, goooooooo comment! wishing you good luck! :)


  1. We had a mini-reunion last summer, so we're not having on this year. SUPER CUTE project! And I love Fiskars!

  2. I love Fiskars, sooo much that not only do i have my engraved Fiskascissors...that i've been a Fiskateer for almost 5yrs now!sending love from New Zealand

  3. Love those punches. The family tree looks great.

  4. What a beautiful family tree! What I love most about family reunions is making yummy desserts for everybody :). Those punches are great, thanks for the chance to win!

  5. I love fiskars... and especially that tree since I am working on my family tree right now!

  6. Hey Cuz!
    Wish we had a family reunion on our side but we dont... Wonder why.. Your first project looks awesome!!

  7. I wish we had reunions but we do not. If we did I would look forward to the children s laughter~ I LOVE FISKARS

  8. Awesome project, Tania! We don't have any family reunion coming up, but I wish I'd had this idea when we went to Oregon a couple of years ago for our reunion. (Congrats on your first Fiskars project - it's awesome!)
    I love Fiskars! :)

  9. Love Fiskars punches. They are so easy to squeeze. My hands love that!

  10. I DO love Fiskars...won't give up my 15 year old trimmer for anything! No fam reunion this year, but I am looking forward to seeing my brother from Alabama this Saturday as he and his family are driving home from vacation in Northern Michigan and stopping to see us. Good times!

  11. I love ALL things Fiskars! I come from a very small family so no reunions. LOVE your great idea for a child's family tree project!

  12. Such a fun first project!!! Just wanted to tell you that...I'm stocked up on Fiskars products. ;)

  13. Love this project! So fun! I wish my family had reunions, I have some cousins I haven't seen in years! Thanks for sharing and the chance to win!! Love me some Fiskars! :)

  14. Great project!
    I just got back from an out of state family reunion on my mil's side of the family. I didn't know 90% of them but I was looking forward to seeing the ones that I did know.

  15. wow! Leaving for a reunion with my family at a lake house in oklahoma - can't wait to see everyone - it's been since Thanksgiving since we got together last...


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