Tuesday, August 23, 2011

ahhhhhh, vacation...

i've always said "i hate going to the beach." but, after this trip, i think i'll have to retract that statement...or rephrase it.

what i really hate is cleaning up all the sand after going to the beach, not the beach itself. :)

because let's face it. no matter how long you try to shower off that sand at the beach and again once you return home, you're still finding sand in your hair, in your car, in your shoes and at the bottom of your suitcase weeks later.

it's all worth it though when you come home with pictures like these and memories they won't ever forget.

we're ever so grateful to have family living so close to the beach that is willing to allow us a week-long stay at their home, free of charge, so we could go on vacation.


why did we wait so long? i'll never know.

we've already vowed that we won't wait that long again and we've already started saving our pennies for another vacation. i'd love to be able to take the girls to disney world before they are too old to enjoy it. but we've been told to prepared for it to cost thousands. :(

so for now, it's just a big dream. *sigh*. someday.

p.s. we did way more on vacation than just go to the beach, so i have many more pictures to share.


  1. If you stay off site and get a kitchenette in the fall/winter you can stay for about 35 dollars a night and then you are just out your tickets. Can really save money that way. And souvenirs are way cheaper at walmart than the park. You could go and would still cost plenty but not thousands of dollars. Oh and if you take snacks into the park and refillable water bottles you save even more. I love to go. This past year we bipassed disney and went to universal. But my boys are 22 and 15. they've been to disney.

  2. So glad you and your family took a vaction and enjoyed it!

    and NO-Disney is not thousands (although it can be) but just do some research---they offer deals from time to time and staying outside the park is
    i hope you GO!

  3. tania go to www.mousesavers.com and look all over that site. we were able to get a hotel that was a Disney hotel but not on disney property, (it was at downtown disney) for only 68 a nite and that was in july. (last year) still got the shuttle service to all the parks, and it was a gorgeous hotel...www.royalplaza.com is where we stayed.
    julie cope


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