Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Week In The Life 2011: Friday

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a month later and i'm finally wrapping up the last few days of my Week In the Life 2011 project here on the blog. sheesh. life has been moving a lightning speed lately.

Monday-Thursday can be seen here.

that, corny as it sounds, life is perfectly imperfect, and just plain beautiful.

dinner out. mexican again. this time a lovely treat from my dad for my birthday. that makes mexican four time this week....or was it five? i dunno, but wow---we hardly ever eat out and somehow we've managed to eat out more this week than we have in the last three months. ha.

watching spidergirl eat chips and queso. that girl eats so much cheese i keep telling her she's going to turn into a piece of cheese.

that i could drop everything and make one of those "this is my happy place" signs. RIGHT NOW. i love it. i love it. i love it. i can't tell you how many times doug and i have had the conversation about how i want our house to feel. the conversation that ends with me saying....i just want this to be my happy place. whenever things are chaotic at home, i get a little discouraged. so doug, lovingly mocks me, and says...."welcome to your happy place." and it makes me laugh every.single.time. it made me smile so big when i came across the image on Pinterest.

it's a little tradition of ours to head for icecream after eating at the mexican place, then going to visit the pet store right next door. emma is a lover of all animals, but those dang allergies keep us from having our own pets. she's not allowed to hold the animals, but can pet with two fingers. then we all sanitize our hands and take showers as soon as we walk in the door. i hate that she has such a reaction to pets. this particular evening we found ourselves stuck in the pet shop for an hour while we waited for a torrential downpour to let up enough to be safe driving home. (and i love how my step-mom, dad, and grandma are all looking on in the background)

vacation to myrtle beach! the anticipation was just made a little stronger when little grandma handed over a wad full of ones to each girl after dinner. souvenir money. how sweet of her. :)

hardly believing::
that ashlyn is in her room, laying in her own bed, with no one else around. this rarely happens. rarely. she doesn't normally sit still, let alone spend time in a room by herself. and time with her baby is becoming less and less. she's growing up.

clothes to wear in 100 degree weather on vacation for me, watershoes for ashlyn, earplugs for spidergirl, and, um...nothing for doug. he sees something he likes he buys it all year long so he rarely needs anything when i'm out shopping.

every time i glance over at the picture drawn by Chuck E Cheese of me and spidergirl. she's definitely my mini-me, no doubt about it. crazy cool kinda resemblence. i love it.

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