Wednesday, August 17, 2011

my [ornery] brown-eyed girl...., um, [spider]girl.

while waiting for our order at Dairy Queen while on vacation in myrtle beach, i said..."hey spidergirl, pretend you're in a photobooth. ready? set. go!"

gosh, i love this girl!

in other randomness....
  • today we'll go to the second of three doctor appointments this week. ugh.
  • tonight i'll be working late into the night to meet some deadlines.
  • someday soon i'll wrap up my week in the life photos---documenting friday, saturday, sunday (gosh, that seems so long ago)
  • someday soon-later (spidergirl lingo) i'll start sharing vacation pictures/stories.
  • school starts in 5 days. *insert eyes bugging out*
  • i still haven't purchased school supplies......but they will be well-outfitted. we've got that part under control.
  • yeah, so, that's about it. pretty boring around here.
actually, not boring, so much as i'm just feeling rather introverted lately, could you tell? ebb and flow. ebb and flow. just waiting for things to flow a little more than ebb, i suppose.

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