Friday, August 19, 2011

have you heard of Pinterest?

i've been 'pinning' pretty little things over at Pinterest for some time now and it's such an inspiring part of my daily life. i'm not quite sure why i've never mentioned it here.
(image source: Art Made with Heart)

i'm here to tell you....if you've never heard of Pinterest, you must check it out, like ASAP! for reals.


think of Pinterest as a virtual inspiration board where, instead of tearing pages from a session of magazine browsing and tacking them to your corkboard with a pushpin, with the click of your mouse, you categorize favorite images from your online browsing onto pinboards that you set up. there's so much inspiration, you'll never waste time looking at a paper magazine again.

it's the perfect, non-messy, storage solution for anything and everything you've ever wanted to reference back to, including: inspiring quotes, do it yourself home decor projects, recipes, inspiration for that kitchen you've always dreamed of having, etc.--all kept nice and neat in one little spot.

not only can you pin what you see out and about on the web, you can also follow other people's pinboards who have a similar style to your own.

some people think it's a huge time-suck, but for me, it's a major creativity booster. i fell head over heels in loooooooove with Pinterest and my life will never be the same!

i currently spend about 10 minutes (or less) a day pinning to my boards. i have 22 different inspiration boards on my account with over 1,000 pins. and i can't tell you how much this has saved my sanity.

not only does it save the image to your pinboard, it also let's you see other images from the same website AND it keeps track of where the image came from with a clickable link right with the pinned image. oftentimes images link back to DIY tutorials, information on where to buy a product, etc.

my family's favorite find so far from Pinterest is these yummy homemade pretzel bites. the entire batch gets devoured in no time flat!

have i mentioned that Pinterest is totally AWESOME? like, totallllllllllly. :)

i most frequently pin to my boards labeled: color love, lovely words, home sweet home, kidART, see it make it, & scrapcrush.

some of my other board i've named are: garden, on the wall, i want her hair, cel-e-brate good times, party grub.

so, hey....if you're already on Pinterest, come follow me.

Follow Me on Pinterest

if not, have i convinced you that you need to get your own Pinterest account yet!? if so, i have 4 invites that will get you pinning on your own pinboards, right quick.

who wants 'em?


  1. I love looking at Pinterest but I haven't joined and don't know the ins and outs. LOL

  2. I already follow you! And yep, I love that site. It is the perfect way to get a shot of an inspiration piece AND then link to the tutorial or shopping or whatever info. AMAAAAZING!

  3. Do you need an invite to look or do you have to set up an acct???

  4. invite is necessary to look! :) you just can't 'pin' without an invite. let me know if you need one. --tania


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