Sunday, August 21, 2011

*sigh* i wanna go back....

school starts tomorrow.

we're busy labeling supplies, packing bookbags, making lunches, picking out 'first day' outfits, and spending one last summer night together before our nights are consumed with dinner, homework, bath and bedtime with not much time for anything else.

i'm looking forward to morning routines again. but, oh how i wish we could go to the beach and spend one last carefree day together.


i am looking forward to getting back into daily blogging again, though. i have so many photos to share, so much that's gone unsaid and so many projects waiting for their limelight. :)

see you back here tomorrow?

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  1. I hear you! I wish we could go back to the beach, too. It's such a carefree lifestyle -- surely it is that way because we're vacationing there and not living. But still. I'd love to feel the gulf breeze in my hair once more, taste the salty water upon my lips and just be relaxed again.

    Tomorrow, the chaos starts --- or intensifies. Nights will be filled with homework, scouts, more homework, reading, bath, dinner, bedtime and lots of fits in between.

    Can't wait to hear how A + E do on their first day.


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