Monday, August 08, 2011

Week In The Life 2011: Thursday

these were all taken last thursday. sheesh, that seems so incredibly long ago. it's usually on thursday of every week in the life series i've done that i decided i've captured enough. but ironically, it turns out i have more photos from this day than any other. funny how that works.

hat skipping my evening dose of pain medicine just because i feel good is not a great idea. definitely not a good idea to skip several days in a row. :(

how pleasant spidergirl is when she wakes in the morning and how adorable she looks, even with bedhead. :)

waking up three hours before my alarm, completely nauseated from the sheer amount of pain i was in. a warm shower, two hours on the heating pad, and sitting through an episode of The Glee Project while snuggling spidergirl (and her ginormous puppy) was enough to get me functioning again.

at ashlyn's self-chosen chores. "don't whine" cracks me up. i've pretty much decided that it's impossible for her to do.

spidergirl is content with the littlest things. i was getting her morning medicine ready and turned around to find her attempting to stack these rings in under a minute a la the game show called 'Minute to Win It'.

the morning hairbrushing. did you see that bedhead!?!? it's double the fun when there is a sensory defensive child involved. chlorine from their two-day-a-week swimming adventures does nothing good for their hair. sometime soon i'll do a seperate post on summer haircare for the kids--it's a question i get asked often.

random markers throughout the house. if there's one thing that ashlyn is addicted to, it's buying markers. they are never fresh enough for her unless they are brand new. without a doubt, 2/3rds of these markers could be pitched. someday.

new artwork from the kids to hang in (more) frames that never stay straight. LOL. kidART makes me ridiculously happy and i think it deserves to be framed. it's important to me to put their artwork on display.

every time i walk by my newly acquired spiderplant, that has yet to be potted. i got it at a garage sale for $1 because it reminds me of one we had hanging in the kitchen in my childhood home.

that i had a cleaning fairy that went around behind me cleaning up my snail trail. as of late it's been bad. especially the passenger's seat and floor of my car. it pretty much always has a pile of paperwork needing my attention, bank errands needing run, etc. maybe i just need to start carrying a shoulder bag or a purse. ha.

chipotle chips & guacamole with a side of rice. yummo. that makes mexican twice this week.

really hard, trying to find new frames. mine snapped at the bridge and eyewire on july 4th and i've already made 3 other attempts to find something i liked. apparently, i'm quite particular about how my glasses look. i was determined not to leave until i had something ordered this time. and i'm thrilled to say it was a successful trip.

my weekly stop for prescriptions from walgreens only cost me $59. gah.

home from work and straight to a pep rally for the house they are building locally on an episode of Extreme Home Makeover.

...celebrating::with our friend oliver because he landed himself a design gig/art installation in two of the kids' rooms in said house on Extreme Home Makeover. taping of the episode is next week, but it will air in December.

spidergirl pretty much adores everyone. i love that she spreads joy the way she does. i also love that she still can't say oliver, but instead says oviler. it's so cute, i hope she never gets it right.

yep, you guessed it. mexican. again. third time this week. heh.

the way ashlyn builds a fajita. she has a very methodical way of doing so. she spreads sourcream super thin on the whole tortilla with her finger---don't even suggest she use a knife. then she tears her meat into pieces and places them all over the whole thing, and sprinkles the smallest of small amount of shredded cheese & rice over the whole thing. she's done this for as long as i can remember.

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  1. Love the bedhead!
    and I could eat Mexican everyday


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