Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Week In The Life 2011: Wednesday

i need that "keep calm & carry on" reminder more today than any other day. the clutter left behind from 2 months solid of me running to and from doctors appointments and working part-time outside the home and full-time on freelance work from home is wearing on me. i don't do clutter well. but i'm thankful for a cheerful reminder that greets me every morning.

several emails back and forth with my sweet friend sherry. we email often every afternoon, but it's a delightful treat to have a spare moment in the morning to chat with her.

that i could rip up all the carpet through the whole house and install hardwood floors, everywhere. oh how i hate carpet----especially this carpet. it's so dark and depressing. it hasn't been in our budget to do anything about it---and it was brand new when we moved in. it's perfect and super durable for raising kids though. *sigh*

moving a vintage couch, purchased at a church rummage sale earlier in the summer, from the garage into the livingroom. it's SO perfectly me and reminds me of visits to my grandma rose's house as a child. it just needs a little steam clean first, then i can chuck that nasty recliner. :)

mounds and mounds of clothes. i'm convinced it multiplies overnight. this was my first morning home in about 2 months. i liked revisiting a familiar morning routine.

cleaning the disaster that is my studio. i honestly don't even know where to begin. as you can see, it's beyond a mess.

how long before this rheumatoid flare goes into remission and i can put away this handicap sticker. i don't use it often, but there are days where i wouldn't venture out if i didn't have it.

major pain on the whole right side of my head. i'm sure it has more to do with being without my glasses than anything else.

myself, that tomorrow i'll make time to pick out new frames.

the pineapple mango smoothie from mcdonald's.....it's delish.

through the entire church, down the long hallway to the activity center to pick up the girls from daycare. i'm usually the one dropping them off, not picking them up, but doug had a meeting tonight.

at a myrtle beach coupon book turned to a page ashlyn is jumping out of her skin about while sitting at a stoplight. they are beyond excited to be going on vacation.

rounding up coupons to hand off to a friend who is treating them for a night of roller skating.

doug at a meeting + the girls rollerskating = a whole night to myself! awesomesauce. these nights are very rare.

chef salad with suzi.

gobs and gobs of laundry with suzi.

beastly with suzi.

that i have a friend who will help me tackle laundry, like suzi. :)

that it's time to update the photo wall (how many times have i said that here on the blog??) and figure out a way to keep the frames from going crooked. my kids (& husband) are way too rambunctious for perfectly straight wall frames.

at spidergirl's sleep mask. simple irresistible.

about the attitude i'm going to deal with in the morning when spidergirl has to brush through tangles of hair because she fell asleep on the couch after her bath--and before brushing her hair. :(


  1. just a little note... I thought the Bargain Beachwear ad looked familiar! Myrtle Beach is a family tradition-- I've been going there nearly every year since I was born! Since grad school and getting married, I've been less often, but this year we're going at the end of August. I might be just as excited as your girls! :)

  2. What a great post! I seriously don't know how you juggle all of this!! (May I borrow the sleepmask when we next go out of town? I really need to get one!)

  3. we leave for myrtle beach the 14th...when you all goin?

  4. that salad looks YUMMY!

    Love the shot you took of the clothes in the washer!

    Totally LOVE that sleep mask!

  5. When you figure out a way to keep the frames from going crooked let me know. I am just about to put a nail in the wall on both sides of the frame.
    Enjoy your vacation!!


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