Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week In The Life: Tuesday

tuesday was a full day and i found it more difficult to narrow down the photos. i've been trying to take photos that tell stories i've been wanting to get down in my scrapbooks or here on the blog, but didn't previously have photographic evidence to correspond.


how irritated and annoyed i get about things that i can't control. i think it will be a continual process of daily reminders to myself to just let it go. one such thing that's such an annoyance more often than not is trying to pull open these little capsules of spidergirl's medicine to sprinkle into pudding so she can ingest it every morning. 75% of the time those little boogers don't want to come apart. drives me insane. doug doesn't even bother trying (i handle the morning meds and he's in charge of the evening). he just pinches one end and rips it off, but whenever i try to do that the little beads of medicine go flying all over the counter and floor. grrr.

nearly every morning the girls are watching iCarly or Victorious right before we leave. doesn't make any difference if they've seen the episode 287 times before, they still laugh at everything like it was just the first time they've seen it.

her favorite method of stalling is to stretch.

i've finally realized, after 9 1/2 years, that trying to keep a house clean while kids are running amuck is for the birds. i've become much more relaxed about things being strewn across the floor or piled in the corner. but i could probably loosen up even more. clutter and mess bother me. except when they are my own messes, of course. *ahem*

i dropped the kids off at daycare this morning and thought to myself "hot dog, i can finally go pick myself out a pair of frames and get my glasses ordered!" i was beyond stoked considering i've been without my glasses since the beginning of july. that excitement quickly turned to disappointment when i pulled up and noticed the sign on the door saying they didn't open until 10am. it was 9:28. this busy mom does not have time in the schedule to sit and wait for 30 minutes. that's when i realized.......crud! i had a 930ish appointment at the dealership for an oil change. ruh-roh. good thing it was only 10 minutes away.

that said oil change took 2 hours. what a bummer. not worth using a $23 credit in rewards money for a $35 oil change if you have to waste 2 hours waiting. grrrrrrrr.

that the girls arrived to daycare to a surprise. instead of the typical 2 hours they each would have at separate times with their individual group visiting the waterpark, plans were changed for the whole school-age group to go together all day long with pizza for lunch too. oh, and we can't forget how much i love texting. heh. i really do love it especially since i can talk to my husband through text throughout the day. even though he makes fun of me for texting with my index fingers instead of my thumbs.

to learn more about how to make my camera produce the results i want. i was beyond giddy to read this tutorial on how to get sunflare in your photos. a technique that previously eluded me. i had a brief 5 spare minutes with 5 photos left on the memory card to play with the light beaming through spidergirl's bedroom curtains and i'm so glad i took the time to experiment. *happy sigh* it really is all about the little things.

bath tints. oh how they love mixing the colors. spidergirl thought it would be hysterical to put on in the tank of the commode so that next time it was flushed the water would be colorful. the simplest things excite her.

that the mister cooks dinner. how lucky am i? not that i don't love to cook, because i do, but so does he. he cooks, i clean up the mess. trust me, he has the easy part (he's a messy cook).

the simple ways that he makes life exciting for the kids. he's good at making things up on the fly. for example: if you find a double oyster cracker than you get to make a wish. but this isn't your typical secret wish. this wish has to be announced and everyone else in the room needs to repeat the wish or it won't have a chance of coming true. both girls found one. ashlyn wished that no one in the house would be sick and have to take medicine ever again. spidergirl wished for a dog. these seem to be the things they wish for over and over and over again.

at the fact that spidergirl still calls oyster crackers "easter crackers". it's so freakin' adorable.

...laughing:: (favorite memory of the day!)
spidergirl was all sorts of confused after learning that today is only tuesday. it was so freakin' hysterical--here's why. we were sitting at the table eating dinner and all the sudden she started getting panic in her voice because they have plans with a friend wednesday night. she thought she missed it. ashlyn calmly explained that it was only tuesday and spidergirl said "no it isn't!" very matter of factly. then after some bickering (so much for the calm) she said "yes, huh. i know because my underwear say so." we all lost it. apparently i should pay more attention to what day of the week it is when i help her get dressed in the morning. LOLOLOL.

that we didn't have so many unexpected expenses come up over the last few years. every time we go to do finish work on our kitchen something else comes up. i mean, i've seriously been living without doors on our cabinets for ummmm, 2 years, i think. that's 23 months toooo long. not just these cabinets, mind you. every single cabinet in my kitchen. can you imagine how visually overwhelming that is? every time i reach up to grab a new pack of paper towels, two or three of these cans start tumbling out of the cabinet and attacking me. not so sure that would change much with doors hung up, but at least it wouldn't be such an eyesore. quite fitting that i have that nice big "keep calm and carry on" poster hanging in the kitchen, eh?

edited to add...
the chalkboard in the hallway that we haven't been able to erase by orders of ashlyn, is an acrostic poem of her name that says:
Spells supercalifragilisticexpialicodious
Hotness is insane just like mommy
Lookin' hot like mom everyday
Young young young. That's 3 words that explain me
Nice brain like mama! LOL :) (I got straight A's again)

gosh, i love that kid.

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  1. I have a cabinet that looks like yours, too, with all the cans crammed in. I think I might just clean it out this weekend. Maybe. :)

    Love the photo below that with the Keep Calm poster. Cute.

    And the sunflare photo --- loooooooooooove.


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