Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week In The Life 2011: Monday

it wasn't until Monday afternoon during a quick check up status updates on Facebook that i realized *this* was the week for joining Ali Edwards in documenting a Week In The Life.

i kinda panicked because i've played along with this documentation process of hers for the last two rounds (Oct 2008, April 2010) and i was excited about getting to document once again, BUT, with all the extra appointments and assignments i just forgot it was starting. OY.

a quick email session with my sweet friend sherry was all it took to convince me to jump in anyway.

so these photos are a mix of snaps from sunday and monday. i didn't really miss much of anything during our monday routine that couldn't be made up for during every other day of the week.

just roll with it. that's been my motto lately. :)


this morning was just me and spidergirl for a while. ashlyn was invited to go to the drive-in movies with her best friend and then sleep over. spidergirl was lost without her ashie. every few minutes she begged "can we go get ashie now?" they bicker like the best of them, but they sure do miss each other when they're apart.

ashlyn fell apart when i picked her up and cried for the next hour. it surprised me because we haven't had to deal with too many of her sensory meltdowns this summer---or headaches. (yay for medicine that works!)

the meltdown shocked me a bit since i felt like we were making huge strides with the sensory progress.

i thought perhaps she was just tired, but really i know it's because she hates going to daycare. she changed the screen saver on the computer to say "i hate (name of daycare witheld)"she's easily bored and needs more focused activities that make her think, rather than just coloring or playing games all day. when i suggest that she take her own activities to do in her bookbag she get's frustrated and overwhelmed. it breaks my heart that she is so unhappy when i drop her off. they say she adjusts within a few minutes though.

to get every single dose of medicine in the kids without missing a dose. we do remarkably well, but we're human and still miss every now and again. in fact, ashlyn missed her evening medicine for the first time ever, so i'm anxious to see much the missed dose affects her.

another version of a project i finished last week and loved so much i felt i needed another, like, STAT. :)

the Bachelorette in doug's 'mancave' is what we do on monday nights. just the three of us after spidergirl is in bed. occassionally she makes her way down after waking up from a 'nightmare' and falls back asleep on the floor before we carry her back up to bed.

a conversation between doug and ashlyn after seeing a commercial asking viewers to call or email if they are interested in being or dating the next bachelor/bachelorette.
d: would you date the next bachelor.
a: no. (very straightforward & matter of factly)
d: what if it was (name of classmate withheld)?
a: um, no.
d: what if it was (name withheld)?
a: nooooo. *giggle.giggle.with face turning red*

:) i'm sure it's only cute to me since i know the people and saw the reactions. i love that she's not into boys yet.

i love being able to step outside my backdoor and pick my own grape and roma tomatos. :) and i love neighbors who love to share their garden's bounty. "just go grab you one." he says. then doug walks back with a 15lb head of cabbage and says it was the small one. this is the same neighbor who will mow our grass with his riding lawnmower if he sees it needs it, but never points out that he did it. but we know it was him.

the delectable & delicious smell of homemade cinnabons baking in the oven for doug to take to work.

perler bead projects in progress on every empty surface lately. ashlyn is quite proud of her custom "i heart 2 fart" creation and thinks it's hysterical. i think we need to work on being lady-like. ha.

the fact that i can always find a way to squeeze out four extras from the batch so we can each have one fresh from the over smothered with homemade cream cheese frosting.
over the weekend, i got pictures of my container garden, tomatoes, perler bead
creations, photobooth strips from the family wedding, our neighbor bringing us a
15 pound head of cabbage, my kitchen table filled with Fiskars projects....etc.

with spidergirl as she tried to wig me out with a rattlesake egg prank. she's got the best laugh ever. :)

on digging through the piles and piles of paperwork needing my attention. other things have needed my attention more, but this week is the time to start dwindling them down.

and that about wraps up my thoughts on monday.


  1. Those cinnamon rolls look yummy!

    Great photos and documentation
    I'm doing week in the life too---but I'm finding that I'm pretty boring during the summer

  2. hahahaha. you know the first thing i said to my friend was "i have a pretty boring week this week". boring = good. that means i'm not running to and fro to the doctor. :) i'm anxious to capture more. it's the everyday moments that i want burned into my memory more than anything else. :)

  3. Aren't fresh tomatoes THE best?! Our plants are dried up now with the drought and heat, but they produced soooooooo much yumminess for us. I haven't gone back to add all the numbers, but I bet we got about 2000 tomatoes from four plants.

    I'm excited that you're documenting this week. You know I adore you and your family and I'm glad to have another peek at you all.

    Can I borrow the subtitles? Love that you have it broken down by finding, loving, laughing, etc.

  4. 2000 tomatos? that's a LOT of tomatos!

    yes, please borrow the subtitles. it's not entirely my idea. it's something i've seen amanda soule do on occassion on her blog and thought it would work well for this week. :)

  5. love the photos! especially the tomatoes, cinnamon rolls and stick pins!
    best of luck with the girls!


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