Tuesday, July 26, 2011

sooooo, i'm back! :)

(ashlyn standing in the fountains in the downtown Columbus splash park on the Scioto Mile)

...listening to David Cook's This Loud Morning on repeat that was so generously gifted to me by a friend.
...working in a studio that is a total and utter chaos. um, okay, maybe more like a beautiful mess. i think that means i have to show you pictures tomorrow. it's bad.
...thinking how very thankful i am that i have a small lull in deadlines so i can catch my breath. even though that small lull is only a few days.
...enjoying watching spidergirl get excited about faking people out with her newly acquired 'rattlesnake eggs'.
...loving Sally Hansen's Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear nailpolish in 'Blew Me Away' that's currently on my toes. :) (get it at walgreens for $2.50)
...appreciating having a husband that is completely hands-on when it comes to helping around the house and with the kids.
...remembering that we have an upcoming orthodontics consult for ashlyn next week.
...thinking how very awesome it is to be able to partipate in another round of Week In the Life via the inspiration of Ali Edwards.
...hearing ashlyn crying yesterday morning over having to go to daycare just broke my heart. i hate that she hates it so much, but i don't have the option of keeping her home right now.
...smiling just knowing that soon we'll be away from the daily grind and on our first family vacation since spidergirl was 6 months old.
...wondering just how well ashlyn will do visiting the beach now that she's old enough to verbalize her fears.
...laughing, still, about spidergirl running to the fridge over the weekend to get a cheese stick, then wildly proclaiming "i looooooooove cheese. i live on cheese!" with evil laughter that followed. it was hysterical.
...wishing that our family vacation was starting tomorrow. i'm so ready. we're all so ready.
...holding the time i got to spend surrounded by my mom's family this past weekend close to my heart. it's the first time in a loooong time that we've all been in the same place for a happy occassion instead of a sad one. (my cousin got married friday)
...feeling a wee bit under the weather with the medicine i've been taking for the rheumatoid arthritis. just nauseated all the time.
...wanting to finally purchase a 50mm lens for my camera. i've been wanting one for 4 years, but the budget keeps getting diverted to other things, namely, medical expenses. for my birthday perhaps? i mean, it's only 5 days away. :)

anyone else participating in 'Week In The Life'? i'll start posting my photos for monday tomorrow. :)

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  1. ...thinking how much I love this post!

    Yes, I'm doing week in the life

    Hope yall have a great vacation!


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