Monday, September 19, 2011


these two sisters.

one who hasn't ever had a surgery, and will have her first tomorrow.
another who's been down that road before. not once, not twice, but four times already.

"it's gonna be alright ashie. don't be sad. your friends are going to miss you, you have to go see them today. they'll make you cards. and tell you to get well soon. it's okay. don't be sad."

these two can be at each others throats all day long, bickering until you wish you could be deaf, but if one needs a little tender loving care, you better believe that the other will be up for the task.

she's struggling to hold back the tears today. and didn't want anything to do with going to school. she's scared. she doesn't want to be put to sleep and she doesn't want yucky medicine. :(

say a little prayer for her, would ya?

adenoids come out tomorrow.


  1. Praying for your sweet girl and all the rest of you, too. I remember after Ryan had his tonsils/adenoids removed, I cried tears of joy. There was such a marked improvement in....well, everything! Praying the same for your Ashlyn. Big hugs to all! ~ Nikki

  2. thank you ladies! and nikki---yes. we are so looking forward to her not having a sinus infection from september through june. i know she'll feel better & sleep better. emma has had the procedure twice (once to remove, once to revise) so we know what we're in for regarding recovery. thanks for your prayers! :)

  3. TAnia, this is the sweetest post i've seen in a long time! I will say a prayer for her, i am in the same boat, surgery on wed and i dont want to be put to sleep either, but so thankful its not one of my kids that has to go through it...thanks for putting things in perspective for me...God is good and He will take care of her.
    julie cope

  4. awww, thanks julie! (((HUGS))) and prayers for you too. :) tania

  5. You captured such a sweet moment.
    Ashley & your family will be in my thoughts & prayers.

  6. Prayers for all of you! I hope things get better for her once thry are out.

  7. Such an awesome moment you captured with that picture. Absolutely love that shot. Good, positive & strengthening energy & thoughts for Ashlyn and the rest of the family. :)

  8. Prayers sent ... and a hug for you too!

  9. Ashie--

    Here's a great big Hug from Georgia!
    and praying that you are 100% soon!

  10. I've been praying for your sweet daughter yesterday and today since I saw this post. The love between these sisters is so beautiful. I pray that the surgery goes smoothly and that Ashlyn experiences true peace throughout the whole process.


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