Saturday, September 17, 2011

help me out here, would ya?

so, hey. confession time: i think i forgot how to be witty and write in this space here.

blogging feels so foreign to me lately and i can't quite put my finger on why. which is even more weird because i've been blogging for SIX years. six years.

in that six years there have been several shifts in our family as the kids grow older. there have also been shifts in focus of why i blog, but it's never really felt this difficult. i need some inspiration. like STAT.

there have been lots of challenges for our little family this summer. but every time i go to blog about them, i find myself not wanting to say anything. or not knowing how to say it. some of them haven't been our stories to tell.

all that to say..........i've got nothing,

but it's killing me inside that this space sits empty more often than it's filled while life keeps on happening all around me.

i want to remember ALL of it. and the only way for me to do that is to live it, process it, and share it in this space. remembering otherwise is just a joke because aparently all my brain cells are fried.

that got me thinking.....

why not ask my readers:
for some blog/journaling prompts?
or for questions you might have?
or what would you like to know about my little family?

i'm hoping next week can be a 'blog every day' week as i'll be home with ashlyn as she recovers from surgery.

now if you'll excuse me, i've gotta get back to my sewing machine to get some work done so we can enjoy some fall traditions and go pick apples at the orchard this afternoon.

then i can come home and make some delicious apple pie. you can find my recipe here.

speaking of anyone of you have a tried and true super creamy spinach artichoke dip recipe? i've got a craving for it.

wow, this post was kinda all over the place. that's pretty much what being inside my brain is like right now. lots and lots of chaos.

now, where was i? oh, right. getting off here so i can finish my work at the sewing machine.

have a great weekend sweet friends! help me out.......k?


  1. I am not one to give advice for blog posts as my space sits vacant often. Maybe a challenge!

    -- your favorite layout and why
    -- favorite fall activity
    -- family members favorites at the moment
    -- favorite color / color combo
    -- where you find inspiration [other than pinterest]
    -- your dream job

  2. Well I don't have a blog so I'm probably not much help---but if it makes you feel better---I love your blog--
    anything you share I enjoy reading about---and don't worry if you don't post everyday----I read several blogs and NONE OF THEM post everyday.

    One of the thing I really like is the LYB videos that you share---I would enjoy seeing any kind of scrapbook related video

    I enjoy seeing the photos of your family---I like to see what other family do for fun, on a daily basis, of just everyday life stuff---I get ideas for my family.

    And I'm not saying that I'm glad you and your girls have the health issues---but I think it's good that you Vent here on your blog---Let it out---Sometimes when something bothers me---it makes me feel much better just to write it down and get it out of my system.

    Share more recipes with us if you have any---I'm always on the lookout for easy ones and especially crock-pot recipes--Got any?

    Are there any blogs that you visit frequently?---What is that you like about them?--- do something similar on your blog--just fit it you.

    Do you read? Do you have any suggestions? Share them with us. Even children's books.

    What are some of the products that you use daily? I'm always interested in knowing what other cleaning products, makeup/beauty produts, kitchen items, laundry products, etc that other people have already tried out and love---maybe they would work for me too.

    That's all I can think of right off the top of my head---If I come up with something Great---I'll post another comment.

    Hope you and your family is have a great time apple picking---I wish I lived closer because I would be over tonight for a slice of that pie!

  3. I love reading about you and your girls ... how you deal with all the things you have to juggle. I am always looking out for ways to spend my time more efficiently (getting OFF the computer might help with that but how else would I find inspiration? lol)


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