Tuesday, September 13, 2011

FISKARS: Ruffled Canvas Totes

i'm excited to share with you another project i created for Fiskars. i'm so loving working with their amazing tools and having the opportunity to create some projects that have been on my "want to create" list for a long while.

and i'm especially loving making friends with my sewing machine again! oh, how i've missed it.

my latest sewing adventure? these ruffled canvas totes....

i'm officially addicted to making them and you can be too! the full project instructions are available on the Fiskars website: Ruffled Canvas Totes.

they are super fun and make and even more fun to give as gifts! we've already given this rosette, single ruffle tote to the nurse at emma's allergist who we see every week for her allergy shots. she looooved it.

i get asked often how i learned to do all this creative crafty stuff and i always say "i don't know, i just know how." LOL.

i've been sewing since i was 19 on an old hand-me-down machine. it helps that my personality type is one where i'm always willing to take on a challenge and learn as i go, honing my skill along the way.

so, the truth is, i'm self-taught through trial and error and also years of hovering over my grammy's shoulder watching her put her foot to the pedal to make the magic happen. i've made quilts, and clothes, and wall hangings, and formal dresses in years past, but my machine has been lonely for a while sitting in the corner.

but not any more.

i've got lots more fabric projects up my sleeve. :) having an attitude of "i can do that!" has been such a blessing and i'm so thankful for it.

so, i'm wondering how many of my readers sew...do you?


  1. These are so cute! I am really into the ruffle look lately (which I only "realized" after looking at my pinterest boards, haha!), though I haven't actually *made* much with ruffles. I do a lot of sewing, and I'm having a little girl in December, so I'm thinking there are lots of ruffles in my future :) Your post makes me want to sit down and sew!

  2. Me! I love to sew bits and pieces. I am mostly self-taught, but have taken a few lessons from my mom through the years.

    I remember wanting to go to my senior prom. I could --- IF I made the dress. And I did it. My mom and I made my formal in about two days. And my sister's dress, too.

    Now, though, I mostly upcycle or embellish the K-girl's clothes, sew some bags and quilts. Fun stuff.

  3. I don't really sew. I got a sewing machine for my birthday last year, and the only thing I've used it on are scrapbook pages (for straight stitches!). I'm more comfortable with handstitching. I love these cute bags you've made! I could probably sew one and hide my crooked stitches, right? ;)

  4. natalie...congratulations on your baby girl! please share your ruffle projects with me if you make something!

    shirley...thank you.

    sherry...no way! you made a prom dress!? how sweet of your mama to help you do that. do you have pictures?

    cynthia.....absolutely! crooked stitches are my favorite kind. :) don't look too close or you'll see my crooked stitches too. (in my opinion, it's not handmade unless it's crooked) --tania

  5. These are so cute. I have to make one, or two, or five, LOL! I love bags too.

  6. No i do not sew---that is something that I wish I knew how to do
    Love the bags!

  7. Wow, anything what you do, it's very beautiful. I like very much this project, I will try to make one. You can see my blog too.



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