Thursday, September 08, 2011

if i tiptoe back in.....

will you not notice that i've been a little quiet when it comes to things on the homefront?

i don't know what my problem is lately, but i feel a little tongue-tied. i have gobs and gobs of stories (& pictures) from clear back to fourth of july and i just don't even know where to begin. it all feels so very overwhelming to me right now.

in the past several weeks i've started a dozen or more posts talking about more transparent type things and not just skimming the surface of what we did or where we went, but then i get a little self-conscious and hesitate to put it all out there. nothing i type has felt right. yet i have this deep desire to connect.

something is quietly telling me to be still.

i've been going through this stage of wanting to keep stories about my family to myself for a few months and i'm not quite sure where it's coming from because, hello.....telling stories is an integral part of what i do for a living. not to mention a big part of how i connect with others.

life just feels weird. i feel like i'm trying to find my place in this world all over again.

that ugly beast called 'perfection' has crept back in and is causing a struggle within my heart. it tells the most believable lies, ya know.

i'm back in another 'parenting is hard' stage. parenting a special needs child is even more difficult. parenting a special needs child with medical issues is even more difficult than that.

but hey. i'm always up for a challenge. :) sometimes with more confidence than others. now is not one of those times. ahem.

wow, that all sounded so melodramtic. this is exactly why i started a dozen or more posts and all the while wore out my backspace key doing so. LOL. i'm so confused i don't even make much sense to myself. ha.

in other news:

  • my sister-in-law is moving back to columbus by october 1st! :) i love her so. and watching my kids play with her kids isn't nothing short of delightful. seriously. i see some sleepovers with cousins in the future! :)

  • ashlyn has been through the initial consult for the interceptive phase of braces to correct an open bite and anterior cross bite. she was accepted into the orthodontic program at our Children's Hospital. she's super excited and only wanted to know if they had rubberbands that were turquoise and if they could do patterns. yes and yes.

  • we made it 2 weeks into the school year without being tardy! awesome. (we were 1 minute late today)

  • i've been feeling marvelous for the past 2 weeks! me thinks this chemo is actually doing something.

  • we are back to just a family of 4 now. for the past several months doug was assigned as a legal supervisor to a friend and his children as they were in the midst of a custody battle. we had them 2-3 weeknights and all day every other weekend. ugly situation that is now resolved. he would do just about anything for a friend.

  • i've been working like a madwoman in the studio! looooooooove it. you'll see everything here on the blog when i can share. i SO wish i could show everything now.

  • my studio is absolutely atrocious. i might need an intervention soon. ha.

that's about it folks. kinda all over the place, eh?


  1. Sometimes we choose or feel the need to keep things private for awhile or forever. Nothing wrong with that at all Tania. Share when you feel the need to share or when you sit down to type and you can't stop the words from spilling onto the page/screen.

    That's great news about you feeling better! I hope that chemo is working and that you just keep feeling better and better.


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