Tuesday, October 25, 2011

FISKARS: Lanyard and Key Wristlet Tutorials

please tell me i'm not the only one who constantly misplaces her keys? i mean, i've tried a number of things to make sure my keys are in the same place every single day, but nothing has really been the cure all for my forgetfulness.

the thing that has helped a little bit is hanging a hook on the wall just to hang my keys. but somehow they make their way off the hook and land in the most inconspicuous places. i blame in on the other three living, breathing things i live with....HA! nope, never my fault.

so to make finding my keys SO much easier, i stitched up some lanyards and key wristlets using bright and funky printed fabrics, and i have to say..........there haven't been many times since then that i've had trouble locating them.


my keys are currently on the red polka dot wristlet....because red and polkadots are my fav!

an even bigger bonus? when they fall to the bottom of my purse, i rarely have to dig. i just find the end of the wristlet and pull it up. :)

you should find yourself an extra hour and make some of your own! they are super easy, i promise. find out how in my step-by-step tutorial over on the Fiskars website: Lanyard & Key Wristlet Tutorials.



  1. WONDRAMOUS. I love the lanyard with the patchwork fabrics. LOVE. I will be making one or two or ten or a hundred of these.

  2. Hi Tania..I came across your blog from the LYB/Twinery Blog Swap. I loved the LO you created with the Hello Fall collection & twine..looks fab : )
    I am now following your blog also as I love what I have seen so far..great tip on the key lanyards btw...my hubby could certainly use one of these..lol.
    Have a great day :)


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