Saturday, October 22, 2011

all about me: a post by ashlyn

found taped to her bedroom door.....
All About Me
My full name is Ashlyn Rose Willis. My hobbies are basketball, gymnastics, art and board games. I enjoy sleeping in a lot but that probably isn't a hobby. I get good grades and I'm in 4th grade. I enjoy friends and family so come on in! My goals of life are to get a scholarship and I want to be an artist or teacher for a living. If you would like to come in my room you must bring in good attitude and respect to everyone and thing. Please enjoy my room! Bad attitude and bad respect will get you kicked out! You may bring anything in my room but I don't allow bad attitude or bad respect! I do not like fighting or screaming. If you make fun of someone or something you will be kicked out! Please live life with love and happiness even if you have to work very hard! I hope you make great accomplishments in life. I will always encourage you as much as possible. Enjoy my room!
Ashlyn :)
gosh, i love this kid! and i'm thinking maybe we are doing something right in this parenting business after all. hoping i can rescue this one for the treasure box before it finds the trashcan.


  1. Oh my gosh, what a sweet little girl you have. And I think wise beyond her years. One more sign that you are very blessed.

  2. I think we could all take lessons from Ashlyn Rose Willis

    ps--I enjoy sleeping too and I've always considered it my favorite hobby


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