Monday, October 10, 2011

sometimes i wonder...

(Emma at Gorman Farm, October 1, 2011)

sometimes i wonder.

sometimes i wonder if she knows how many times my breath catches in my throat when i look at her? sometimes i wonder if she even knows just how beautiful she is? sometimes i wonder if she misses her grammy as much as i do? sometimes i wonder if she even remembers her grammy at all. sometimes i wonder if she'll make it to second grade without a broken bone. sometimes i wonder how long it will take for her to forget how that one teacher made her feel every report card by saying she talked too much? sometimes i wonder just how far her outgoing personality will take her. sometimes i wonder how many other people along the way will say something that makes her reserve her true self. sometimes i wonder if her big sister will one day become her bestest friend? sometimes i wonder if despite all the medications and immunotherapy injections will she still have asthma attacks? and sometimes i wonder how God is using her life story for His glory in ways that we'll never know?

sometimes i wonder if my mom wondered these things too.

and sometimes i wonder if i just plain think too much.


  1. Oh, you don't think too much ... you know you reminded me ... I don't know if Liam (my middle one) will remember my mom. He was three when she passed ... BUT I have all those photos of her and him together. And some layouts explaining how much she loved him (and he loved her). So everything will be alright. I hope, lol.
    Hugs to you, friend.

  2. oh, photos! thank goodness for photos. you're right. i have lots and lots of those to share with her. thanks for the reminder. and yes. every little thing is gonna be alright. :)

  3. Love this post. I had a teacher that always gave me N's in talking but now people just say I have the gift of gab! :) You know the lemons into lemonade deal. I think shes going to be just fine. More than fine. Stellar!

  4. susan, you definitely have the gift of communcation. and i don't see that as a negative thing AT ALL! do teachers not realize that they have such a lasting impression on young children? geez louise. thanks for your positivity! STELLAR, indeed. :)

  5. Sometimes I wonder things like this too!


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