Friday, December 02, 2011

Elf on the Shelf: we're now a family of 5...

...temporarily of course.

a little short fry has come to stay for the month of December. Mr. Charles S. Mistletoe. the girls call him Charlie.

(ETA - my tutorial for the pillow is here: Yo-Yo Pillow Tutorial)

Charlie came to us with a letter that reads:
Dear Ashlyn & Emma,

I’m excited to give you this magical Christmas Elf. All through December he will bring Christmas magic and fun and laughter to your home.

You may hug this elf once you first see him, but after that you may not touch him or his Christmas magic will disappear.

He is here to stay for the season and will be an extra set of eyes and ears for the big man at the North Pole! You know who that is don’t you? Why, it’s Santa, of course!

Every night while you’re sleeping he will be busy preparing for the holiday season and he’ll give a report to Santa as to whether you’ve been naughty or nice. So be nice to your sister, and be sure to obey mommy and daddy, okay? Be warned….your elf might have a little too much fun while you’re sleeping.

Remember: There is one very important rule…You MUST NOT touch him so you can keep his magic alive.

Now…repeat these words and get ready for a season full of fun memories!

Christmas Elf, Christmas Elf, Christmas Elf.
Please bring some Christmas Magic to our house.
Christmas Elf, Christmas Elf, Christmas Elf.

Be sure to tell mommy to write notes on her blog about the Christmas magic he brings to your home.

Oh, one more thing. You need to name him. May I suggest Peppermint Sticks, or Jingles, maybe Skittles. No, I think Bernard sounds good. Wait. Not Bernard. Lucky Sugar Socks! That’s it. Nah. Chipper Mistletoe? Ohhhh, I know, how about Tinker Spirit Fingers? Merry Floppyfeet?

I don’t know, you decide his name.
Mommy’s Friend

i'm pleasantly surprised at how much joy Charlie brings to our mornings. the best thing in the world is seeing spidergirl come down the steps with bed head and swollen sleepy eyes searching the livingroom &/or kitchen to see what he's been up to while she's sleeping. then hearing her giggle for the next 5 minutes after she finds him.

well....maybe not the best thing. because having ashlyn wake up in the mornings with a bit of anticipation instead of acting like a spawn of Oscar the Grouch has been pretty darn AWESOME. who knew that all it would take is a visit from this little dude.

i'm excited to do some regular blogging about his silly antics this month. stay tuned...

( case you were wondering, the "chin up" frame was a handmade gift from my super sweet friend Sherry.)


  1. He is so cute - but I can't take my eyes off the fabulous cushion he is leaning up against!

  2. thank you ladies! sandra, i edited my blog post to include the link to my pillow tutorial. ENJOY! :)


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