Monday, December 05, 2011

happy 7th birthday spidergirl!

hip hip hooray, spidergirl is 7 today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Emma boo. i love you sweet girl!

(i really need new nickname for this kid. spidergirl just doesn't seem to fit the bill since she's ousted him from her life!)

my sweet Emma Grace, at age seven:
  • she's in the first grade.
  • she's a little social butterfly and has a 'life of the party' personality.
  • definitely not a shy bone in her body.
  • her bestest friends at school are: Makyi, Geneva, Katelyn, and Alyssa.
  • she's still in love with popcicles and will eat them like they are going out of style.
  • she'd rather buy school lunch than have me pack something.
  • she completely adores all things animal related and begs for a puppy or kitty daily.
  • she tells me that spiderman stuff is stupid and for boys, but she's recently taken up an obsession with beyblades.
  • her favorite thing to eat is stuffed crust cheese pizza from Pizza Hut....or anything you can get through a drive-thru.
  • she has lost only one tooth on the bottom but has 3 others that are loose.
  • her favorite thing to do is push her straw through the space where her tooth is missing.
  • she's still an early riser and heads to bed early.
  • her biggest 'wants' right now are: Rainbow Unicorn Pillow Pet, a new bike (because Spiderman just won't do anymore), and unlimited Chuck E Cheese tokens.
  • for her birthday dinner she wants to go to Chuck E Cheese.
  • her favorite color is pink...or blue...depending on which day you ask her.

i can tell you one thing........throwing a party with a gaggle of kids is exhausting! we had 31 people, half of them kids, in a party room for 2 hours with non-stop excitement.

we're still recovering, but i can say that it was a smashing success! and totally worth every penny and every minute of preparation that went into it to see how happy she was to be surrounded by family and friends that adore her.

everyone had fun and i have lots of pictures to prove it. i promise to share them soon.


  1. Birthday! I don't know where that 'n' came from. :)

  2. I am all about some stuffed crust pizza too! Happy Birthday, Emma!


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