Wednesday, December 14, 2011

what's that mischievious little elf been up to?

for the love of pete! this dude is ORNERY as all get out---he fits right in around here.

he does bring out his sensitive side every now and again. like when he decided to leave spidergirl a handmade "happy birthday" greeting.
but the next day he was back to his antics again--this time making snow angels in a pile of sugar on the countertop! CHARLIE! don't you know that sugar doesn't grow on trees!?! that stuff's expensive.

not only is he ornery, he's also quite the little comedian. he managed to gather all the 'animal' stuffies around in a circle on ashlyn's bed for some story time. he had the penquin, the kitty, the bear, the lion, the raccoon, the bunny, and the puppy.

and he had the nerve to read to them........"would you rather be a bullfrog?"
but i suppose we'll keep him around because he playfully reminded spidergirl that brushing teeth can be quite silly if you keep the right attitude about it. so glad not to fight that battle--for a day, anyway.

the next morning we woke up to find him hanging upside down....

we can only assume he was practicing some acrobatics from the the ceiling fan. Santa must have told him there's a little girl in this house hoping for gymnastics lessons for Christmas.
then he really did it....

if we can't get the weather to cooperate and give us a white Christmas, Charlie sure does know a way to solve that! it's called.....make your own white Christmas. LOL.
he'll throw a flour party instead! works just as well as snow. and BONUS----no freezing little fingers when you want to write a message in the white stuff. HA. and a very Merry Christmas to you too, Mr. Charles S. Mistletoe.
he's been an observant little houseguest. he knows just how much the girls love to play with their Littlest Pet Shop toys, so he was quite thoughtful and set everything up for them to play one morning before school using their favoritest animals. *sigh*

Charlie, i love you. and i must say i can't imagine spending another Christmas without you.

with 11 more days until Christmas i'm wondering what kind of crazy will you come up with next?

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