Friday, February 17, 2012

the best entertainment a dollar can buy...

the best entertainment a dollar can buy comes in the form of pucker pops. have you seen them?

they are these adorable little lollipops similiar in shape to a pacifier or ringpop that are attached to a luscious pair of valentine lips.

hilarious, if you ask me!

i first found a pair of these lips about 5 years ago when traveling to maryland to teach some scrapbooking classes in conjunction with one of my book releases. i instantly snatched a few up to tuck away for the girls as they welcomed me back home. i don't remember the store i found them in back then, but we always find them now at our local Walgreens.

it's been a yearly tradition to buy them and take photos ever since.

last year ashlyn decided she was going to use a photo of her with her luscious lips to make her own valentine photo cards.......and this year, we did it again, which required a whole new set of photos.

seriously. you can't be behind a camera snapping pictures of this girl with luscious lips without burning a couple hundred calories from laughter alone. cracked me up.

i thought i'd share a couple handfuls of outtakes....

this peace sign pose cracked me up because it's the exact pose on her valentine's card from last year. how do they change so much in just a year's time, but at the same time, not change at all? so perplexing.
she finally settled on a version of this one. then in my photo processing program i opened a blank 4x6 canvas at 300dpi, resized this photo to a wallet size and placed it at the top. leaving her the space below to add graphics and a valentine message.

and here's the final cut for 2011!

and then, as soon as i hit submit on the print order she said "um, mom....isn't that heart on the left a little larger than the one on the right?"

yes. yes, it is.

and i realized once again that she's just as much a Type A personality as i am. *sigh*


  1. CUTE. I love those lip poses. Hilarious!
    I must remember to do this for next year's valentne cards. I don't know why I've not thought of it since we do holiday photo cards. :)

  2. So funny!
    I love the ones with the crossed eyes!

  3. Oh my gosh! this is so fun and funny. hahaha!


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