Thursday, February 16, 2012

he's stolen her heart....

this past weekend, i was having quite a nasty bought with searing, shocking sciatic nerve pain shooting from my left hip down my left leg every 2 minutes. it came in waves similiar to how contractions feel during active labor....i joked that it felt like my leg was about to give birth....and all i wanted to know was where's the flippin' epidural!?! LOL.

anywho. i made sure to take lots of 'bedrest' breaks with the heating pad saturday and sunday to make sure i wasn't aggravating the pinched nerve even more. but, i'm the type who feels quiet slothful if i'm just sitting and doing nothing.

so, i convinced spidergirl that it would be the perfect opportunity to finish up her valentine's.

we had the cutest little conversation about valentine's and classmates where she confessed that her heart belongs to one boy, and one boy only--his name is shane.

not sure if you noticed in the picture above, but one of those valentines is not like the others.

i asked her, "does he know how you feel?"

she shrugged her shoulders and bashfully said "i dunno. but he will on thursday." (the day of her valentine's party--TODAY).

as you can see shane's valentine got a special message added to it in the form of x's and o's....and a heart. awwww.

today her secret will be revealed at the class party.

and this mama rearranged her schedule just to see her giddy little schoolgirl deliver her special valentine.

i can't wait!

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  1. These Valentine's are so cute. I hope she has a fun time as she delivers her special message.


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