Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Jumprope for Heart 2012

if you've been a reader here for a while, you might remember nearly 5 years ago my mom died, suddenly and unexpectedly at the young age of 50.

heart disease scares the crap out of me.

once again, ashlyn has decided to participate in Jumprope for Heart. it's a jumprope event held at her school where she will jumprope, along with other classmates, during school hours, to raise money for kids needing heart procedures and to raise her own awareness about what she can do to keep her heart healthy.

she loves to jumprope AND she wants to do it in memory of her Big Grammy who we miss every single day.

last time she participated, through the help of blog readers and facebook friends, she was able to raise $245....the most of anyone in her school.

this year, she has set a goal of $250, but she's just now telling me TODAY. and the deadline is *this* Thursday! *sigh* kids.

even with the tight deadline, this mama can't say NO to something so near and dear to our hearts, especially when the money goes to help kids live a longer, fuller, healthier life.

i have absolutely no doubts that she can make this happen with the help of our amazing friends and family. this morning, i updated her personal fund-raising page through the American Heart Association and just like that we've raised $50! thank you facebook friends!

can you help ashlyn reach her goal?
*all donations are 100% tax deductible*

if so, please visit her personal fundraising page by clicking here.

and i wouldn't feel right closing this email without saying THANK YOU, every one of you, for visiting here and for allowing me a moment to make mention of this even......whether you have the ability to donate or not. :)

love to you all!

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  1. My Dad too died suddenly from a heart attack in 2001.
    I just made a contribution to help Ashlyn out!
    Hope she makes her goal!


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