Sunday, March 25, 2012

well, what do you know. it really works.

oh my heavens, yesterday, i didn't know whether to laugh or cry but i quickly decided, that's some funny stuff, right there, and we've had enough tears lately so let's laugh instead.

here's the story. i was cleaning my studio, and by cleaning i mean moving piles from one location to another, and spidergirl came down wiggling her tooth,
as she stood right beside me asking "when do you think my tooth will fall out?" after a gentle wiggle i guesstimated about another least.

and off she ran back upstairs to play with her sister. i continued moving piles.

it wasn't long before i heard
a big thud coming from the girls' rooms above me. i hesitated momentarily, holding my breath as i waited for an outburst of tears that never came. so, curious, i ran upstairs, and by ran i mean hobbled, to see what all the commotion was about.

i found ashlyn's doorknob tied with yarn and spidergirl handing me her extracted front tooth.
yep. true story.

all i could muster up was "for real? you did that for real?" and we stood there in disbelief.

ashlyn piped up, on the verge of tears..."well, emma told me to." emma remained silent.

what's a mama to do? i wanted to cry because my baby girl is losing front teeth already and that just seems all grown up. but i wanted to laugh because that's some funny stuff right there!

instead i was shocked, but still had enough wits about me to grab the camera, of course. then i had to email little papa to say "you'll never believe what ashlyn just did." because he's the one that teased her endlessly when she was younger about doing the same to her when she had a loose tooth.

and, well, she thought she'd test whether or not it really did work.

spidergirl was a little unsure of what to think about all of it, as you can tell in the picture, and she never did cry. she's a tough cookie. as soon as i was done taking the picture she was bouncing around giggling about how funny it sounds when she says her 'f' words. and by 'f' words i mean "fifty-four and "forty-five."

kids. always entertaining.


  1. Oh my. she sure is a brave little girl!

  2. I've always wondered it that really worked---never been brave enough to try it


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