Wednesday, March 14, 2012

looking for scrapbook supplies?

i have a major studio purge going on. an ongoing purge that will continue over the next month. long overdue. i purge through supplies, i'm filling Medium Flat Rate Boxes from the post office and offering them up either here or on Facebook.

as of right now, i have 2 boxes that need a home.

the details: they are stuffed full of brand new, never been used product waiting for a good home. i mailed out 5 boxes yesterday each weighing over 8lbs. these aren't wimpy boxes with product from 10 years ago. it's good stuff...promise!

cost is $30 per box, which includes flat rate shipping of $11.35 + $0.80 delivery confirmation. (payment via paypal--shipping international will be more)

all money earned is going into my girls' Disney fund! <----yes, you read that right! we're going to Disney!!!! how? well, it's a very awesome story. i'll tell you about it soon. :)

anywho.........any takers on the boxes i have ready now? comment here or send me an email using the link under my photo in the sidebar and i'll get you the paypal details. :)

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