Monday, March 12, 2012

training reel: little yellow bicycle paradise

hello sweet friends! i've put together another Training Reel for you, this time using Little Yellow Bicycle's newest release called Paradise. have you seen it in your local stores? it's GORGEOUS. i think it's taken over the spot of my favorite LYB collection. the bright colors are right up my favorite thing about this layout is the confetti garland, a newer embellishment added to the LYB collections. it really adds a nice playful element to the layout.

my second favorite is the accordion folded flowers. LYB makes making these flowers super easy with the parts and pieces in their Paper Flower Kit. everything is pre-cut and pre-scored ready for you to assemble. i LOVE that because accordion folded flowers can be a bit tricky and very cumbersome if you're the one making score marks every 1/4" down the length of a 12" strip of paper. the video below has a few little tips for putting these flowers together. :)

and of course......i had to add a little dimension onto the layout with some oversized 'confetti'. it seems that confetti is trending right now in the scrapbook world. have you seen confetti everywhere you turn? i have. such a fun little element to add.

so if you like the look of oversized confetti or want to see how i put together accordion folded flowers, take a peek at the video---just ignore the fact that i look like i haven't slept in's because i haven't. LOL.

or if you're just interested in how to assemble the layout you can download the instructions that walk you through from start to finish here: Click to Download 'We Are Family' Layout Instructions.

ps.........if you're an LYB fan and you haven't already heard, they're looking for a new design team. details here.

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