Monday, April 30, 2012

i think i need an intervention.

this is why my productivity is suffering...what a hot mess!

in case you were wondering.......i'm NOT a hoarder. even though this picture might say otherwise. LOL.

this, my friends, is the aftermath of an entire month of deadlines mixed with working longer hours at my other job during the last two weeks of tax season!

holy wow. i think i need an intervention.

or at least someone to help me come clean! LOL.  any takers? :)


  1. Wish I would have such mess some day...TFS it.

  2. I thought you had snuck into my house and snapped a pic of MY work space! If we were near each other, I would so love to arrange an art cleanup playdate where I would help you tame your mess and hopefully you could help tame mine. This method works well for me because I enjoy visiting while I tidy up, it goes by much more quickly!

  3. organization makes me so happy. i would totally come and do your room if I could :)


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