Friday, April 27, 2012

i love children's authors.

last night i took spidergirl to our local library to meet illustrator and children's book author, Marc Brown.  he's the mastermind behind the cartoon character that children love and adore....Arthur. ya'll know who Arthur is, right?

my oldest daughter ashlyn went through a phase where she watched nothing but Arthur cartoons for about a whole year. kinda serendipitous that i'd look in the Weekender portion of our paper today and see that he would be at the local library giving a presentation and interacting with the kids. :) love when that happens.

he had the entire crowd, children and adults, roaring with laughter. he's super funny and quite the entertainer!  i'm not one to be star-struck, but being in a room surrounded by his fans, who he had cracking up laughing, felt kinda surreal. the grin plastered on my face was just as big as the one on the children's faces.

we were so thankful that they offered books for sale for him to sign too! i gladly got one for each of my daughters! i wish i would have thought to get one for spidergirl's teacher to add to her classroom library.

such a fun experience!  if you aren't already a part of your own local library system, i encourage you to take time to check out their upcoming events schedule. we've done some really cool things---all for free---at our local library. getting to meet Marc Brown ranks up there at the top of the list!


  1. That is so COOL! Our school library gets to bring in some children's authors - through money raised by our PTO...but our local library has never had any big-name authors like Marc Brown come visit! So awesome that you could meet him.

  2. Love the Arthur books! And is it just me or does Marc kinda look like Arthur? :-)

  3. so funny that you say that deana, because someone asked him last night if Arthur inspired his choice in glasses or did he choose those glasses which then inspired Arthur. he laughed and said his wife had mentioned that he kinda looked like Arthur not long ago. and then admitted that it was just a funny coincidence. :) he showed his wife at work in her studio---she's an artist too. can you imagine the creative energy in their home?


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