Tuesday, April 24, 2012


sometimes i stop and catch myself staring and thinking to myself....'gosh, she's beautiful!'

i know she knows i think so because i tell her every day. i just hope she never forgets. and i just hope she doesn't let the mean girls she'll encounter over the next few years tell her otherwise because she's just like me--constantly plagued with that little gremlin called 'self-doubt'.

but more than her outward beauty i hope i'm granted enough time to help her cultivate her inner beauty so her love and kindness radiates further out into the world around her.

in other news...i finally joined the rest of the world and made myself a twitter account! you can follow along with me @tania_willis leave me a comment with your twitter info so i can follow you too! :)

tweet, tweet, tweedle lee dee!

be good friends.
be good.


  1. I have an account but do not understand it! So I don't use it at all.

  2. Ashlyn,
    You are very beautiful!


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