Wednesday, May 23, 2012

ANNOUNCING: Fiskars Fuse Creativity System

What exactly is the Fuse Creativity System? Well, the short answer's a die-cutting system.

But, before you think "oh, brother, why does the crafting industry need another die-cutting system?" get a load of this!!!!

The Fiskars® Fuse Creativity System® is SO much more than another die-cutting machine. It's the ONLY system on the market that can die-cut a shape, press a textured pattern and ink the pattern all in one pass through the machine. The simplified plating and manual crank system make it easy to create embellishments for accenting homemade cards, scrapbook pages or just about any other paper craft project.

Did you catch that? Die-cut + Emboss + Letterpressing......ALL AT ONCE, creating a stunning embellishment that will elevate your craft projects to a whole new level. It cuts and letterpresses a wide range of craft materials, and a variety of dies and letterpress plates can be combined with different inks and materials for endless creative possibilities. You can even use your dies and plates from other systems with our machine.

here's a little 34 second video to tease your creative brain....

So, it will:
  • Die-cut + Emboss + Letterpress all at once
  • It will do any combination of the above (cut + emboss only, cut only, emboss + letterpress only)
  • Use any variety of materials (i.e. craft foam, cardstock thick chipboard, copper flashing, vellum, balsa wood)
  • Accepts dies + plates from other cutting systems
  • Plates can be inked with any of your favorite inks or colored with markers
The possibilities really are endless! 

the Fiskars Crafting Experts have been busy little beavers over the last several months playing with this FANTASTIC new addition to the Fiskars line of tools and we are anxious to start sharing our work using the Fuse Creativity System!

here's a few peeks at some of the projects i've made with the Fuse.

over the course of the next few weeks you'll see us sharing peeks of some of the work we've been doing and also see the Fiskars site explode with step-by-step project ideas so you can be inspired to create once you get your hands on your very own Fuse Creativity System!

the Fuse will make it's World Launch on HSN June 18, so be sure to click over here to HSN to check for the time of your scheduled local programming.


  1. Interesting! Thank you for the heads up!

  2. This is the first I'm seeing of this machine---thanks for sharing

  3. I'm really dying to get my hands on this system! It's been out of stock everywhere...hopefully will be able to order it soon! Anyway, I have a question about it...

    I'm looking at doing my own wedding invitations and I plan to order a custom letterpress printing plate or two...will this machine work for that? I'd rather not have to buy this AND the L Letterpress machine. I know you can use other companies embossing folders with this system...but will it also work for custom letterpress plates? Would I need to buy some kind of adapter kit for out of line letterpress plates?

  4. I really can't wait for this! It's been out of stock everywhere! I do have a question though...

    Do you happen to know if this will work for custom letterpress plates? I'm planning on making my own wedding invitations and I'd like for this to be the only system I need. I'd rather not have to buy this AND an L Letterpress machine. Think I can make it work?

  5. Can you use the dies in other machines like the Big Shot or Cuttlebug?

  6. you can, BUT.....Fiskars doesn't recommend it. It’s because the Fuse dies were created at a certain height and density to go through the Fuse Creativity System. You should know that there’s a danger of our the Fuse dies breaking if they go through other machines. This won’t happen for every die. Even so, the quality will never be as good as when used with the Fuse Creativity System.

  7. Fiskars advertises that the Fuse will accept other dies and plates from other companies. What is the height and density of the plates provided with the Fuse? Or, where can I find that information, so that I can order a custom letterpress plate to use in the Fuse machine. Thank-you for your post!

  8. Fiskars sells an accessory to the Fuse called and Adapter Kit so you can use different dies through your Fuse. You can see details on those kits here:

    Any additional questions you might have about the Fuse might be answered on their Fact Sheet found here:

    Let me know if there are any other questions I can answer! I'm sorry I don't know the exact dimensions/measurements, but if what I've provided hasn't answered your questions, please contact Fiskars' Customer Service line at 1-866-348-5661


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