Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Fiskars: Prom Shadow Box: Creating A Keepsake

how many times have there been when you've wanted to show off a special moment in a meaningful and more prominent way other than just sticking a photo into a picture frame and calling it good?  times like a wedding, or perhaps your daughter's homecoming or prom, or maybe even a college graduation?

sure, putting them in a photo frame and hanging them on the wall is something special in and of itself, but putting them into a shadow box and decorating them in an elegant way takes the display up a notch turning them into even more of a keepsake for years and years to come.

in my latest tutorial over at Fiskars, i show you how to take one of these such occassions--a Senior Prom-- and walk you through step by step on how to pull it all together using some of my favorite Fiskars tools.

if you don't have wedding photos or prom/homecoming photos to put into a shadow box, you'll still find the tutorial helpful as i talk about three different ways to make some paper flower blossoms like you see clustered in the lower left corner of the shadow box! here's an up close peek at one of them:

take a moment to check it out: Prom Shadow Box (and flower) tutorial.

and many thanks to Meredith for trusting me with her prom photos!

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