Thursday, May 03, 2012


just a few things to share today, in list form, because that's how my brain functions:
  1. National Scrapbook Day is this coming Saturday!  YES, on Cinco de Mayo!  double the fun with a side of nachos!  where will i be? i'll be at home in my studio catching up on Project Life and maybe doing a bit more cleaning/organzing in there. if you're looking for a challenge or two to get you motivated, Little Yellow Bicycle is hosting three challenges with prizes! to get all the details head on over to their National Scrapbook Day blog post.
  2. guess who's finally joined the rest of the world in tweeting over at Twitter!?! tweet, tweet, tweedle-lee-dee. THIS GIRL! follow me there: @tania_willis. took me long enough, don'tcha think!?
  3. now that the free app was made available for Android phones, i've also joined in the fun at Instagram! follow me there. username: taniawillis. do you Instagram?  let me know in the comments so i can follow along on your photo adventures!
  4. remember that video i did a few weeks back? the wedding layout?  well, there's a challenge based on an idea i shared in that video. you can read all about it over here on the LYB blog (at the bottom of the post).  AND you can use any collection you want! if you participate and you have a chance---a really goooooood chance----to win one of three $25 prize packs of Little Yellow Bicycle products! what'cha waitin' for? deadline is May 15th.
  5. so what have i been doing for quick photo editing since shut it's doors and moved over to Google's Creative Kit?  i've been using PicMonkey!  LOVE it!  has everything that Picnik had and more! you should give it a try. lots of creative flair to be added to your photos and a new way to suck all your spare time away, LOL.
  6. am i still doing Project Life? you betcha! although, i have nothing to show for it. the first quarter of this year has been a little rough on our family.  the word 'busy' doesn't even begin to describe our life. but that's how we roll. i'm awesome about taking photos + keeping notes. thankfully, i've had a few slow days and i'm beginning to catch up on the last 15 weeks of putting photos + words into those divided page protectors.  i'll begin sharing more of my pages soon! i know you're all waiting on pins and needles, LOL! in the meantime, you can see my first two weeks of my Project Life: right here.
  7. hmmm. picking my brain for a seventh. both my girls were born in the 7th hour of the morning. both weighed exactly the same 7lbs, 7oz., and both were born on their due date.  who says seven isn't a lucky number?
and that's all she wrote.

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