Monday, June 04, 2012

this girl...she keeps me in stitches.

(dressed and ready to kick some booty at field day)
so, spidergirl has been begging me to take her to get her long locks shortened.

"i want a bob, mom. you know, like above my shoulders so i can look all cute. but i still want to be able to put it in a little ponytail like so & so on that tv show."

i'm not the type of mom that gets fussy over the type of style/cut the girls want to wear. i pretty much have the mindset's their hair and it'll always grow back.

but in our busyness, it kept getting put off and put off and put off until finally we found a free evening one night last go have it chopped. she was bound and determined to get that bob cut. she climbed up in the chair, told the stylist what she wanted and proceeded to talk her ear off while she cut it to her liking.

snip, snip, snip. 7 1/2". gone. just like that. 

and she flitted out of there like a little butterfly, light as air, knowing that she looked just as cute as she felt.

the next morning she was up talking to doug before he left for work, telling him....

"i don't even remember what i looked like with longer hair daddy!"

he responded with...."well does your valentine like girls with shorter hair?" obviously lovingly teasing her.

without missing a beat, she just shrugged and said "uh, i dunno. but maybe i could just get some extensions." 

in love at 7?
talking about cat fights with a girl over a boy?
and now getting extensions if he doesn't approve?

LOL. seriously. where does she come up with this stuff!?

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