Thursday, July 19, 2012

five years ago today....

i lost my mama.

i was 29.
she was 50.

i feel like i'm through the worst of the heartache, although i know it will always linger..  there are times when my breath still catches in my throat as i catch a glimpse of her in my own reflection....or in a glance at spidergirl who looks so much like her. and there are still times when i can't hold back the tears like when i see a daughter walking side by side with her elderly mother.

but mostly, the memories are sweet and the tears are few.  my heart doesn't feel as broken.

and even though i didn't believe it before, time does heal the wound....a little bit anyway.

and i'm really thankful for girlsfriends like Suzi and Sherry who have been there to listen over these past 5 years.  and my new friend Emma who reminded me yesterday..."Do know that your mom lives on in you. The things you teach your children and many of the stories you share, are HER experiences. And HER stories too."

so, thank you sweet friends.

i think my mama would be proud of where i am today.


  1. Hugs, hugs, HUGS. Your momma would've been very proud of you, I just know it. I am proud of you, my sweet friend.

  2. She would be so proud of her wonderful daughter! Hugs and love xxxx

  3. (((hugs)))... She would be so proud!!

  4. mama's are always watching over their babygirls. I lost mine 4 years ago as well. I was 29 too. And 4 months pregnant with my son. Some days the tears just flow. I sometimes hate that I am the one without a Mom and my child is the "poor boy" with no grandma... Other days I can feel her presence around me. She IS proud of you!!


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