Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fiskars: Crafting with Kids: Kite Magnets

Nothing is more fun to my youngest daughter, Spidergirl, than having the opportunity to go out on a windy day and fly a kite! They bring nothing but joy to her sweet little face. But, there's only one problem...summer doesn’t bring with it too many windy days. Instead, we've had blistering hot days and have been looking for ways to stay cool indoors.

So, together, the two of us designed these delightful paper kites that we added magnets to, so we can have a visual reminder on our fridge of all the happy kite flying memories we’ve made together. These will have to do as we wait for our next blustery opportunity.

I’m sure you have many of the supplies needed already in your craft cabinet.  They really are quite simple to construct, then you can go to town decorating them to your liking.

I'm not sure what she thought was more fun....the making of them, or the playing with the Fiskars Cassette Punch Set!  One thing is for sure - that punch set yields the most adorable little confetti-like shapes I've ever seen.  I can't wait to put it to use making some themed homemade confetti for our next party.

Anywho. If you'd like to spend a hour (or less) of a summer afternoon crafting with your own children or grandchildren making magnetic kites, you can get the full supply list and instructions by clicking over to Fiskars.com: Kite Magnets by Tania Willis

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