Friday, August 03, 2012

the Willis' and the not bummer summer!

my presence in this space has decreased greatly over the last several months, but the fun and excitement we've been sharing as a family hasn't slowed a bit!  i just can't find enough hours in the day to blog about it all, LOL!
i have a backlog of photos and stories...that, honestly, i may or may not get around to ever sharing here.  hoping and aiming for more of the 'may' share rather than 'may not', but i can't make any promises.
life is busier than ever and is treating me better than i could have imagined looking forward from just a few years ago.  funny how time and patience changes things--and the right medical treatment (more on that later).
we're on a mission to finish out the summer just as strong as we started it with a goal of being able to say "2012 was the BEST summer EVER!" and totally a not bummer summer. :)
we've swam so much we look like wrinkled prunes. we've eaten enough popcicles to serve and army. we just returned from walking miles upon miles at the most magical place on earth! now, we're looking forward to a trip to the Ohio State Fair and giddy about taking the girls to their very first concert!
hard to believe the girls will be headed back to school in less than 3 weeks! guess i better get busy making lists of what clothing they need and start shopping for those supplies---my favorite part! i think i look forward to new school supplies more than the kids do. :)
i'll tell you what i am looking forward to come August 20th. i'm looking forward to reclaiming my daily 2-hour window of quiet studio time/blogging time once they are back in school!  i miss my uninterrupted morning time something fierce---but i still wouldn't trade the memories we're making to have it all back.
what kind of adventures has your summer taken you on?

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  1. Glad ya'll are havin such a fun summer!
    School starts back TOMORROW for our kids---can't believe it.
    But we have a great summer---we went to the beach, and to Nashville (grand Ole Opry)--had never been there and we want to go back.
    We visited a waterpark, a local car race, a braves game with the most incedible fireworks show ever ---I'd say we had a great summer! It just comes to an end too soon.


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