Wednesday, July 11, 2012

while you wait for my return...

so, where do i start? the last month life has taken me on somewhat of a thrilling coaster ride and i haven't quite been able to find a moment to sit and tell you all about it.

sure, i have a backlog of stories and photos and studio projects (& failures) to share. and i have an update on some medical stuff for those of you who have been asking. oh, and i have an exciting vacation that we're counting down the days until departure.

it's a messy, thrilling, life but i assure you it's one big beautiful mess and i couldn't be more happy than to be living it and breathing it every single day.

i'm currently trying to find extra minutes in each day to bring this blog back up to par with the level of sharing that it used to be. 

until then, just know that we are well, and we appreciate each of you who take time to check in on our sweet little family to make sure everything is well when the lights are off in this space of mine.

we'll catch up sooner rather than later.
thank you for your patience. :)

while you wait for my return you can keep up with me over on the Fiskateers blog.....i'm posting there much more consistently than i am here at the moment.


  1. Tania,
    it would be really nice if we could get emails of your blog posts ---I dont know how complicated that is to incorporate into your blog I just know that I always sign up for them on blogs that I like to read daily

  2. vicki....that's an excellent suggestion! i'll look into adding that capability. i'll be sure to mention it in a blog when i get it added. :)

  3. well.......that was easy! vicki, you can now subscribe to my posts, right there underneath my photo in the sidebar. :)

  4. thanks tania!
    I just signed up!---looking forward to my first email from you!


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