Friday, June 29, 2012

wow, how the years zip by...

seeing as how we went to the beach for vacation LAST year and we're gearing up for another vacation soon (to Disney World!!! eeeps!), it's high time i actually recorded some of those last year's vacation memories down on paper, don'tcha think?

so, i fixed that right quick by creating an opening page using the Splash collection that was still sitting around on my studio table from the video project.  here's what i came up with!
don’t you just love when you can sit down and a layout comes together quite effortlessly? this was easily one of those layouts! i 100% attribute that to the busy background patterned paper that i chose to build my layout on. while this layout may scream out as a typical ‘Tania-style’ layout, i have to admit that designing it was a bit outside of my comfort zone and i anticipated that it would take me much longer to settle into a place where i felt comfortable gluing down the pieces. if you haven't already noticed, ’m not usually one to use the busier types of patterns as my background, but this time i wanted force myself to get a little uncomfortable and try to stretch myself a bit.

in all honesty, the patterned paper did all the dirty work for me. choosing the boldest pattern in the collection helped fill up a lot of that ‘empty’ space that i feel often needs filled with embellishments to bring a layout together. from there, the layout as a whole needed very little additional embellishing other than the photo and 6x6 decorative-edge cardstock that i turned into a journaling spot.

a few tips to share:
1. if you like the look of the vellum tape but want it to be more opaque and to work as more of a patterned paper strip, simply stick it to the straight edge of a piece of white cardstock and trim off the remaining cardstock as you see i’ve done here with the green chevron strip.

2. if you want to type journaling onto the 6x6 decorative-edge papers, i recommend attaching the paper piece with temporary adhesive to a carrier sheet (a scrap piece of printer paper or cardstock), then putting that through your typewriter. it will help keep the decorative-edged paper from slipping inside the typewriter and will ensure your journaling is visually appealing. the same can be done through your printer, as well.

Supplies are all from Little Yellow Bicycle's Splash Collection::
SPL – 101 Makin’ A Splash: Single-Sided w/Thermography
SPL -  109 Aqua Spot
SPL – 133 6x6 Decorative-Edged Cardstock
SPL – 140 Fresh Verse Cardstock Stickers
SPL – 160 Vellum Tape Strips
SPL – 195 Dimensional Stickers
SPL – 222 Felt & Burlap Flowers
SPL – 220 Fabric Favorites
12" Paper Trimmer
White Foam Thickers for '2011' (American Crafts)

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