Monday, August 20, 2012

first day of school! first day of school!

it's the first day of school and i have two little girls who are super pumped to be back in class! i'm happy to report that there were no tears this morning, from myself or the girls...nothing but smiles. :)

they had the outfits planned down to the accessories, because all girls need to accessorize, ya know. they both have an infectious enthusiasm for school that is rooted deep within and i love that about them. totally ready to go learn.

little miss emma grace (aka: spidergirl) is in second grade now and totally marches to the beat of her own drum....can't you tell? LOL.  she normally isn't too overly concerned about what she wears and rathers I pick out her clothes for her, but when we were shopping a few weekends ago, I was trying something on and her and doug were browsing the little girls' section when they found this outfit.  one look at her with it on and those big brown puppy doug eyes asking "please, mommy?" and I was done for. she was sooooo excited for the first day of school to come so she could wear it.  she calls it her "old-school, school girl outfit". too cute.

so far this is the only back to school outfit we've purchased. she added the nerd glasses and is adamant about this being the outfit she's wearing for her fall school pictures too----with the glasses. i say, go for it, sister!

and yes, she totally went to class with the glasses on and was smiling so big i thought she might burst.  gosh, i love this kid.

this one here, miss ashlyn rose, is now a FIFTH grader!!! say it isn't so! excuse me while i hyperventilate and get my beating stick ready to club the boys who get too close. 

she, on the other hand, is very vocal about what she will wear and won't wear and never gives me the priveledge of picking out her outfits---but that's nothing new, she's always been that way.  and gosh, i love her too!

after an afternoon shopping, picking up bits and pieces at a few different stores, she was stoked to realize that nearly everything sparkled or had stars on it and put all together made for quite a cute little outfit. totally unplanned, but totally awesome.  jeans with stars? check. sequined tank? check. feather earrings with sparkle stars? check. sparkle start hairtie? check.

then, yesterday, we found the perfect zebra striped shoes that fits her style and wouldn't you know we couldn't have found a better pair of shoes to pull it all together! it's hard to tell from this photo, but the part of the pattern that looks white is actually shimmery silver. and even though they are laceless, she added sparkly turquiose laces to them too.

and i'm left here, as mama to a fifth grader and second grader, wondering when did they get so big and start looking so grown up? *sigh*


  1. Oh my! They look absolutely adorable!
    My older girls are also 3 school years apart and also have completely different personalities. Fun!

  2. I love their outfits & the fact that they are so secure in who they are.

  3. What great pictures. My daughter goes to catholic school now, and while I would never admit it to her, I miss shopping for school clothes every bit as much as she does.

    Hope they both have a great year!

  4. they are definately
    too cool for school!


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