Friday, December 16, 2005


yeppers, that's me tootin' my horn!

today has been a WONDERFUL day in terms of good news for me! i got 22 valentines cards done, supply lists written and all of them scanned---projects for pinecone's card book. money, money, money, money, moooooooooooney! like the green stuff. heeheeee.

okay....on to the tootin'!

sooooooooo, here's the deal. remember that stitched doodling layout that took over 4 hours----a few posts back? well, an editor from Better Homes & Garden, Scrapbook Etc. magazine saw it on 2peas and contacted me to help her with artwork for an article!!!! holy guacamole! yahooooooooooo! *doing the happy dance* this is H-U-G-E people!

and dream has come true!

i get to go to CHA!!!!!! i will be running make-n-takes at a booth, being paid for my services and all hotel and travel expenses totally paid to boot!!!! oh. my. goodness. *breathe in, breathe out*

i had resigned myself to not going because we just can't swing it financially. these things aren't cheap when you factor in airfare, hotel, tipping, taxi services, meals, etc., etc.

for those of you not familar with the industry, CHA is the Craft & Hobby Association. each year in January they have a HUGE trade show----this one in LasVegas, baby---and this is where the manufacturers release all of the HOT, trendy products! it is a place overflowing with inspiration----you can just feel the creative energy flowing. like 7,000 booths just overflowing with product. truly an amazing experience! i got to go last year (in Atlanta) and just walk the floor since my book was releasing. it was really cool to get to meet the people i worked with to get product for the book and personally say "thank you" for your support. i traveled again to CHA summer in Chicago---not such a fun experience. it was a much smaller show and really i felt like "been there, done that". but this will be different----every other time i've roamed freely walking the show floor networking with manufacturers. this time i am representing a specific manufacturer as their designer!!!! how stinkin' cool is that!

again, i must say-----i've truly been blessed over the past year. HUGE things have happened for me in this industry (i won't list it all again......scroll down if you need a review *wink*). each and every day brings a new opportunity and i'm lovin' every single minute of it!!

thanks for sharing my excitement!!
off to snuggle the little ones......nighty, night folks.
promise to post pictures of the studio soon.

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