Thursday, March 02, 2006

just for fun...

i am: content
i think: spring is around the corner
i know: that Jesus is my Savior
i have: everything i need
i hate: jealousy
i don’t: want to fold laundry
i can’t: sing worth a lick
i can: let loose and be silly
i will: make it a point to send out photos this week
i won’t: ever be debt-free---at least i don't feel that way right now
i miss: days without responsibility
i fear: getting in a serious car accident
i feel: tired
i hear: ashlyn talking on her elmo phone
i smell: ashlyn's stinky farts......phew---get away from me!
i crave: quiet time
i wonder: where i'll be in 10 years
i regret: staying up until 430am scrapbooking
i love: don pablos chips and salsa
i dream: big dreams
i long: for the day i don't have to change another diaper
i care: too deeply about people that don't care about me
i always: hope i'm leaving a positive impact
i am not: pain-free
i believe: in God
i sing: not so well
i smile: when i see ashlyn mothering emma
i laugh: every time ashlyn says "mommy can we go to truens hospital" (aka childrens hospital)
i collect: memories
i play: barbies with ashlyn
i write: memories on the hearts of my girls
i cook: a mean chicken scallopini
i trust: noone
i intend: to write thank you notes, but intentions get the best of me.
i search: for my niche
i look: like i'm 18 (so everyone says)
i shout: when i'm angry
i whisper: secrets
i conquer: my own fears
i listen: with intent
i ignore: bills for a little too long sometimes
i live: with purpose

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